Capital Dilemmas

Random Geography or capital Quiz

Can you name the answers to these capital dilemmas?

Updated Sep 19, 2012

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Mexico: Mexico City or Beijing?
Zambia: Lusaka or Luanda?
Antigua and Barbuda: St. John's or St. George's?
Mauritius: Port Vila or Port Louis?
South Africa: Pretoria or Johannesburg?
Tuvalu: Funafuti or Ngerulmud?
Nigeria: Niamey or Abuja?
Tanzania: Dar es Salaam or Dodoma?
Turkmenistan: Ashgabat or Tashkent?
United Arab Emirates: Dubai or Abu Dhabi?
Bangladesh: Dakar or Dhaka?
Sao Tome and Principe: Sao Tome or Principe?
Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein or Vaduz?
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Podgorica or Sarajevo?
Estonia: Tallinn or Vilnius?
St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Kingston or Kingstown?
Canada: Toronto or Ottawa?
Costa Rica: San Jose or Santo Domingo?
Mali: Bamako or Bangui?
Myanmar: Naypyidaw or Phnom Penh?
Rep. of the Congo: Brazzaville or Libreville?

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