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Forced Order
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Who was the forerunner to Jesus?
Who was Jesus' mother?
What town was Jesus born in?
How old was Jesus when He first entered the Temple?
What did John the Baptist do to Jesus?
Who tempted Jesus in the wilderness?
Who was 'the disciple that Jesus loved'
Jesus delivers a message known as what? (Matthew 5-7)
What was the first miracle?
How many people did Jesus feed with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes?
Who walked on the water with Jesus?
Whose daughter was raised?
Where was the 'Woman at the Well' from?
Who were the two other figures at the Transfiguration?
Who did Jesus raise from the dead?
What did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?
Who betrayed Jesus?
What was the name of the garden where Jesus prayed and was in agony?
What was the method of Jesus execution?
How many other convicts were with Jesus?
What was the name of the place where Jesus was killed?
Who was the Roman prefect in charge?
Who was the High Priest?
Whose tomb did Jesus borrow?
How many days was Jesus dead for?
How many days after the Resurrection did Jesus ascend into Heaven?
Jeus eventual return is known as what?

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