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Isa, Vertebrae, Below the LightsProgressive Black/Viking Metal
Bleeding Profusely, Masticate to DominateBrutal Death Metal
The Goat of Mendes, AntichristProgressive Black/Death Metal
Kill 'em all, Master of PuppetsThrash Metal
A Haunting Curse, Carving Out the Eyes of GodBlack/Death Metal
Symphony of Enchanted Lands, Dawn of VictorySymphonic/Orchestral Power Metal
Eaten Back To Life, Butchered at Birth, KillDeath Metal
Dopethrone, Let us PreyStoner/Doom Metal
Wishmaster, Century ChildSymphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Blood Fire Death, Nordland IBlack Metal (early)/ Viking Metal
Iron, Victory Songs, From AfarViking/Folk Metal
Hell on Earth, An Overdose of Death...Thrash/Black Metal
The Legacy, Souls of Black, LowThrash Metal
Versus the World, Twilight of the Thunder GodMelodic Death Metal
Prowler In The Yard, Phantom LimbGrindcore
Killers, Powerslave, Brave New WorldNew Wave of British Heavy Metal
Pure Holocaust, Sons of Northern DarknessBlack Metal
The DethalbumMelodic Death Metal
Heavy Metal Breakdown, The ReaperHeavy/Speed Metal
Consign to Oblivion, The Divine ConspiracySymphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Scream Bloody Gore, HumanDeath Metal
Jaktens Tid, NattföddFolk Metal
Karma, The Black Halo, Ghost OperaPower Metal
Abducted, Virus, Catch 22 (V2.0.08)Melodic Death Metal
Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond), DemigodBlack/Death Metal
Unchain the Wolves, Phoenix RisingBlackened Thrash/Death Metal
Kings of Metal, Warriors of the WorldHeavy Metal
Bonded by Blood, Impact Is ImminentThrash Metal
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Dawn of the Black HeartsBlack Metal
Prince of the Poverty Line, Vintage WhineFolk Metal
The Olden Domain, QuintessenceProgressive Black/Folk Metal
Scumdogs of the Universe, RagnarökComedy/Thrash Metal
Welcome to Hell, Black MetalNWOBHM/Black/Speed Metal
Seven Churches, Beyond the GatesDeath/Thrash Metal
The Red in the Sky Is Ours, Slaughter of the SoulMelodic Death Metal
Hatebreeder, Are You Dead Yet?Melodic Death/Power Metal
Resurrection Through Carnage, Nightmares Made FleshDeath Metal
Legion, Once Upon the CrossDeath Metal
Leviathan, Blood Mountain, Crack the SkyeTechnical/Progressive Groove Metal
Blasphemy Made Flesh, None So VileTechnical Death Metal
Dechristianize, Icons of EvilDeath Metal
Day Into Night, Defiant ImaginationTechnical Melodic Death Metal
The Codex Necro, Hell Is Empty, And All the Devils Are HereBlack Metal/Grindcore
Winter Madness, WintersunMelodic Death Metal
Litany, Revelations, Impressions in BloodDeath/Thrash Metal
Valley of the Damned, Inhuman RampagePower Metal
Dissimulate, Animosity, The ReawakeningIndustrial Death Metal/Grindcore
Feel the Fire, Horrorscope, ReliXIVThrash Metal
A Celebration of Guilt, United in RegretTechnical Melodic Death Metal
Battle Metal, The Varangian WaySymphonic Viking/Folk Metal
Pale Folklore, The MantleAtmospheric Folk/Doom Metal
Total Pwnage, Metal Kombat for the Mortal ManPower Metal
Incorrigible Bigotry, Hornets of the PogromDeath Metal
Hello Master, Prior To The FireStoner Rock/Metal
Follow the Blind, Nightfall in Middle-EarthProgressive Power Metal
Neurotripsicks, Leading VisionTechnical Death Metal
Dirty Rotten LP, Dealing With It!, Thrash ZoneThrash Metal/Crossover
Christmas Eve & Other Stories, Night CastleOrchestral/Progressive Rock/Metal
Brakebein, VillandenFolk Metal
Eosforos, DV8, Orgia DaemonicumBlack Metal
Cause of Death, Xecutioner's ReturnDeath Metal
Starfire Burning upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima ThuleSymphonic/Epic Black Metal
Tales from Sadness, Flies & LiesMelodic Death/Power Metal
Collection of Butchery, The Pleasure in SufferingBrutal Death Metal
The Gallery, Damage Done, CharacterMelodic Death Metal
The Jester Race, Whoracle, Come ClarityMelodic Death(early), Alternative Rock/Metal
Tales From the Thousand Lakes, EclipseProgressive/Death/Doom Metal
Piece of Time, Unquestionable PresenceDeath/Thrash Metal with Jazz and Progressive Influences
Swamplord, They Will Return, The Black WaltzMelodic Death/Power/Thrash Metal
Stabwound Orgasm, Yearning for the GrotesqueDeath Metal
Pentagram, Ad Majorem Sathanas GloriamBlack Metal
In the Nightside Eclipse, Anthems to the Welkin at DuskSymphonic Black Metal
Rise from Within, Sirens, DemonizedBlack Metal
Holy Diver, Sacred Heart, Dream EvilHeavy Metal
Rising Force, Marching Out, Fire & IceNeo-classical Shred
Colossal Titan Strife, The Hellenic TerrorBrutal Death Metal
Spirit of the Forest, Korven KuningasFolk metal
The Ten Commandments, WarkultDeath Metal
Paranoid, Master of Reality, SabotageHeavy/Doom Metal
Jig-Ai, Katana OrgyDeath Metal/Grindcore
How Far to Asgaard, Eric the Red, LandProgressive Viking/Folk Metal
Age of Winters, Gods of the EarthStoner/Doom Metal
Sad Wings of Destiny, British Steel, PainkillerNew Wave of British Heavy Metal
Hacked Up For Barbecue, Darkest Day Of HorrorDeath Metal/Grindcore
Nexus Polaris, AnimatronicElectronic/Industrial Metal
You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll, Stay HungryHeavy Metal/Hard Rock (Glam)
Finished With the Dogs, Agony of DeathSpeed/Thrash Metal
De Strijdlust is Geboren, Walhalla WachtFolk/Viking Metal
The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts, A.M.G.O.D.Symphonic Black Metal (early), Industrial/Electronic Metal
Mutilated in Minutes, Only Tools And CorpsesGrindcore (early), Brutal Death Metal
ØØ Void, White1, The Libations of SamhainDrone/Doom Metal
Absolutego, Flood, Dronevil, Pink, AltarDrone/Stoner Rock/Doom/Ambient
Purgatory Afterglow, Crimson, InfernalProgressive Death Metal
Orchid, Blackwater Park, Ghost ReveriesExtreme Progressive Metal
Heading for Tomorrow, No World OrderPower/Speed Metal
I'll Kill You, Vanishing Vision, Blue BloodHeavy/Progressive/Power Metal
A Virgin and a ****, Before the Bleeding SunSymphonic Melodic Death Metal
The Divine Wings of Tragedy, Paradise LostProgressive Power Metal
Reek of Putrefaction, HeartworkGrindcore/Melodic Death Metal
Indecent and Obscene, The God That Never WasDeath Metal
The Last Command, (Kill, ****, Die)Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Glory to the Brave, Crimson Thunder, ThresholdHeavy/Power Metal
Calculating InfinityTechnical Metalcore (Mathcore)
Fragments of D-Generation, Mind TricksMelodic Death Metal
When the Kite String Pops, Paegan Terrorism TacticsSludge/Doom Metal
Theli, Secret of the Runes, LemuriaSymphonic/Operatic Metal
Cranial Impalement, She Lay GuttedBrutal Death Metal
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I, Part 2Speed/Power Metal
Winds of Creation, NihilityTechnical Death Metal
A Blaze in the Northern Sky, F.O.A.D.Death/Black Metal/Punk
Dark Medieval Times, The Age of NeroBlack Metal
Deeds of Derangement, Descendants of DepravityBrutal Death Metal
Wings of Forever, Neverworld, Magic Never DiesPower Metal
The Pagan Prosperity, In Defiance of ExistenceMelodic Black Metal
Tales of Mystery and Imagination, ShadowlandDeath Metal (early), Power metal
Reign in Blood, Seasons in the AbyssThrash Metal
Of Wind and Weeping, Carriers Of Dust, GangreneExperimental/Atmospheric Death/Black Metal
No Boundaries, Hands Without ShadowsNeo-classical Shred
The Autophagous Orgy, ResickenedDeath Metal/Grindcore
Annihilation of the Wicked, IthyphallicBrutal/Technical Death Metal
Burning Down the Opera, Rocket RidePower Metal
Contradictions Collapse, Catch ThirtythreeTechnical post-thrash
An Anatomy of the Beast, Banquet in the DarknessDeath Metal
Coming from the Sky, Dust to Dust, VirusPower Metal
Emetic Cult, Grume, Morgue Sweet HomeGrindcore
The Dark, Blessing In DisguiseHeavy/Power/Thrash Metal
Reek of Pubescent DespoilmentBrutal Death Metal
Advance and Vanquish, Fire Up the BladesPower/Heavy Metal
Witch, ParalyzedStoner/Doom Metal
The Parasites, Apocalyptic FeastingTechnical Death Metal/Grindcore
Used, Abused, And Left for DeadDeath Metal/Grindcore
Heart of the Corona, Oracle MoonAtmospheric Melodic Death Metal
Warchants & Fairytales, A Nightmare StoryPower Metal
Dragonslayer, The Book of Heavy MetalHeavy/Power Metal
Dead Soul Men, Move, OrganicExperimental Metal
Turis Fratyr, SagasEpic Folk/Viking Metal
Prepare For War, The Fire and the WindBlackened Power Metal
Black Aria, 4p, Circle of SnakesHeavy Metal with Doom/Rock Influences
Zombielogy, Scalpelogy [Promo]Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Last Sons of Evil, Norwegian Jesus, Just Quit TryingDeath 'n' Roll
Temple of Gore, The Luster of PandemoniumTechnical Death Metal
Folk-Lore, Pagan, The Morrigan's CallCeltic/Folk Metal
The Forever Endeavor, Sinner's IntuitionMelodic Death Metal
A Cold Day in Hell, Decimate the WeakSymphonic Deathcore/Blackened Death Metal
God Was Created, Helping the World to SeeDeath Metal
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?, YouthanasiaThrash Metal
Don't Trust, I'll Be Your Master, ImpactBrutal Death Metal
False, Erase, Rise to RuinDeath 'n' Roll
Burning Earth, The PremonitionPower/Speed Metal
Dragons of the North, Odin Owns Ye All, BlotViking Metal
Citizen Brain, Tales From the Grave in SpaceThrash Metal
Kveldssanger, Perdition City, Shadows of the SunBlack/Folk Metal (early), Ambient/Electronica
11 Dreams, Architect of LiesMelodic Death Metal/Power Metal
You'll Never Know Pleasure-Until You've Tasted Pain Death Metal/Grindcore
Melancholie (squared)Ambient Black Metal
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Filosofem, HliðskjálfBlack Metal, Ambient
By the Blessing of Satan, My Soul for His GloryBlack Metal
Prison of Desire, Invisible Circles, RemagineSymphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Kveldridhur, Strange Rumours... Distant TremorsViking/Folk/Black Metal
Facing the Thousand, StormchaserMelodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Blutsabbath, Pestapokalypse VI, Bondage Goat ZombieDeath/Black Metal
Mirror of Madness, Till Death Unites UsMelodic Death/Power Metal
Ten Eyed Nemesis, Kinetic ZeroBlack Metal
Congregating the Sick, Opus RibcageDeath Metal
Virgin Killer, Love at First StingHeavy Metal/Hard Rock
The Wet Sound of Flesh on ConcreteBrutal Death Metal
Beyond the Veil, World of Glass, AshesGothic Metal
Rain Without End, Grey DawnMelodic Doom/Death Metal
Demonication (The Manifest), The ApostateDeath Metal
Gold, Mein Rasend Herz, Die GoldeneFolk/Medieval Metal
Psychose, Identisick, IconBrutal Death Metal/Grindcore
The Ultimate Destroyer, War Metal Battle MasterThrash/Doom Metal
Bloodthrone, Raping the AncientRaw Viking/Black Metal
Amok, Down, The Cold White LightMelodic Death/Gothic Metal
From Higher Will, Pod vladou bice, Rad a TrestProgressive Death Metal/Grindcore
War and Pain, Rrröööaaarrr, Angel RatThrash Metal
...den Ahnen zum Grusse..., SkithingiPagan Metal
Warpath, Graveyard Classics, Bringer of BloodDeath/Groove Metal
The Empires of the Worlds, CannibalisedProgressive/Groove Metal
...And Time Begins, Diminishing Between WorldsBrutal/Technical Death Metal
Ravnenes SagaFolk/Viking Metal
Liberation, Beyond the Apocalypse, HellfireBlack Metal
Horns Of SilenceFolk Power Metal
Cowboys from Hell, Vulgar Display of PowerGroove Metal
Arise!, MonolithCrust Punk, Speed Metal
Mutter, Reise, ReiseIndustrial Metal
Manic Thoughts of Perverse MutilationBrutal Death Metal
Spit at Me and Wreak Havoc on My Flesh, An Epiphanic Vomiting of BloodBlack Metal/Noise/Experimental
The Devil You KnowHeavy/Doom Metal
The House That Dead BuiltBrutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Stash, Gateway, AmerijuanicanSludge/Doom/Stoner Metal
Redemption, Blood Rapture, Carnage EuphoriaDeath Metal
Emprise to Avalon, Caledonia, CrógachtMelodic Black/Death Metal w/ folk influences
...Where the Shadows Lie, Sword's SongSymphonic Epic Metal
A Tragedy In Steel, The History of the Vikings - Volume I, 2, 3Power Metal
Str8 Outta Northcote, ****, Lyden Na (The Now Sound)Death Metal/Grindcore
Black Shining Leather, Defending the Throne of EvilBlack Metal
Kikelet, Szelek, Arany - AlbumFolk Metal
...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate...Brutal Death Metal
Altars of Madness,Covenant, DominationDeath Metal

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