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Can you name the most popular Pokémon? (According to Google)

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Type (Reigon)PokémonNumber of Votes
Water/Dark (Kalos)140559
Fighting/Steel (Sinnoh)102259
Ghost/Fairy (Alola)99077
Fire/Flying (Kanto)93968
Dark (Johto)67062
Fairy (Kalos)66029
Dragon/Ground (Sinnoh)61877
Dragon/Flying (Hoenn)60939
Psychic/Fairy (Hoenn)60596
Ghost/Poison (Kanto)60214
Dragon/Ghost (Galar)57973
Rock/Dark (Johto)56834
Grass/Poison (Kanto)56015
Electric/Poison (Galar)55032
Psychic/Flying (Johto)53268
Grass/Flying (Alola)52367
Steel/Ghost (Kalos)51517
Ghost/Fire (Unova)50943
Electric (Kanto)48060
Normal (Kanto) 47762
Electric (Sinnoh)46032
Grass/Ghost (Alola)44011
Dark (Unova)43782
Rock (Alola)42792
Flying/Steel (Galar)41711
Ground/Dragon (Hoenn)41420
Dark/Dragon (Unova)40054
Grass (Hoenn)38724
Fire/Fighting (Hoenn)38307
Ice/Bug (Galar)38034
Water (Hoenn)36920
Dragon/Flying (Kanto)36873
Psychic (Kanto)36266
Steel/Psychic (Hoenn)35631
Type (Reigon)PokémonNumber of Votes
Fire (Johto)35184
Flying/Dragon (Kalos)34795
Bug/Steel (Johto)34691
Water (Sinnoh)34680
Psychic (Kanto)34585
Fire/Fighting (Sinnoh)33267
Electric (Johto)32009
Electric (Alola)31691
Fairy (Galar)30612
Dark (Sinnoh)30544
Dragon (Kalos)30209
Psychic (Johto)30052
Fire/Dark (Alola)29925
Fire (Kanto)29795
Steel/Psychic (Hoenn)29611
Fire (Johto)28332
Water (Hoenn)28295
Dark (Hoenn)27781
Bug/Water (Alola)26975
Fire (Galar)26892
Water/Ground (Hoenn)26540
Water (Johto) 26277
Ice (Sinnoh)26161
Fairy/Steel (Galar)26158
Water/Fairy (Alola)25953
Electric (Galar)25695
Dragon/Flying (Hoenn)24920
Normal (Sinnoh)24502
Steel/Rock (Hoenn)24389
Bug/Fire (Unova)24389
Water/Ice (Kanto)23411
Dragon (Unova)22937
Water (Johto)22526
Fire/Flying (Kalos)22328
Type (Reigon)PokémonNumber of Votes
Grass (Unova)22269
Water (Unova)21990
Water/Steel (Sinnoh)21773
Electric/Fairy (Kalos)21691
Poison/Flying (Johto)21548
Dragon/Electric (Unova)21477
Normal (Johto)21447
Ghost/Dragon (Sinnoh)21366
Normal (Galar)21266
Psychic/Fire (Unova)20957
Grass (Sinnoh)20859
Dark/Flying (Kalos)20852
Water (Galar)20697
Grass/Ground (Sinnoh)20632
Psychic/Grass (Johto)20492
Dragon (Kalos)20299
Fighting (Galar)20217
Dragon/Fire (Unova)20123
Fire (Galar)20058
Normal (Kanto)19768
Ground/Dark (Unova)19628
Fire (Kanto)19044
Rock/Dragon (Kalos)18778
Psychic/Fairy (Galar)18581
Grass (Johto)18521
Water (Kanto)18476
Fire/Flying (Johto)18278
Water (Johto)18245
Steel/Rock (Hoenn)18120
Grass/Fairy (Unvoa)17855
Dragon/Flying (Hoenn)17478
Grass (Sinnnoh)17465

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