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State (Annual Visitors)LocationFun Facts
New York (Over 35,000,000)Around 2,000 people walk in the same block on an average in a matter of 15 minutes
Nevada (31,000,000)Casinos and million giggawatt lights everywhere
Maryland-Virginia (25 million-ish)Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Vietnam and the Korean memorial are just a few places here
Massachusetts (20,000,000)4 historic places in 1 with over 100 places to eat and plenty of street performers
Florida (17,100,000)Considered as the happiest place on earth! Sits along with the other 3 big parks
California (15,000,000)It's the sibling of (Answer 5) and has had close to 600 million visit it since its opening
California (14,300,00)Surrounds a huge bay and a great view of a famous orange bridge
New York (12,000,000)Located on the US-Canadian border, somtimes a daredevil will try to go over it and survive. Who knows why?
Tennessee-North Carolina (10,000,000)With over 800 miles of hiking trails, it is visited by hikers during all 4 seasons
Illinois (8,600,00)Located on the southwest border of Lake Michigan, it's surprising how this exists in the windiest city in the US
Arizona-Nevada (7,600,000)Largest man made lake in the US which is a terrific spot for boaters, fishermen, swimmers and naturalists
Florida (6,200,000)A huge rival of (Answer 5), and its sibling is located in California
Florida (5,800,000)With 3 parks and this one being the most popular, it is very unique for its many shows and entertainers
Texas (5,100,000)Easily the #1 spot in Texas, it follows the San Antonio river with its many bars, restaurants and shops
Utah (5,000,000)Ther Mormon church's headquarters is located here and this is defintely not just a place for Latter Day Saints
Pennslyvania-New Jersey (5,000,000)On the border between the two states and runs along the middle of the Delware river
California (5,000,000)'The Coolest Place in LA' is famous for the many movies made here
New York (4,500,000)With over 2 million pieces of art, it is also home to many instruments, costumes, accesories, weapons and armor
Hawaii (4,500,000)Sunbathers here can see the entire ocean as well as the volcanic cone, Diamond Head
Arizona (4,500,000)One of the first national parks in the US, with it's recent skywalk made, it allows visitors to experience vertigo
Florida (4,400,000)With over 2,700 exoctic and extraordinary animals, it also has great rides and shows
Massachusetts (4,000,000)Miles of sandy beaches for walking and plenty of 19th century scenery to see too
California (4,000,000)Its sibling is also over in Florida and this is the 2nd most popular park of the 3
New York (4,000,000)Located in Theodore Roosevelt Park. it contains 45 exhibits of the distant dinosaurs
New Jersey (4,000,000)Immortalized as the most famous property in Monopoly

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