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The Ghast mob exists in 'The End'
Zombies can drop carrots
You can tame a Wolf by giving it raw fish
Diamonds are the rarest minerals to find
The Acacia tree is a tree in Minecraft
The pufferfish poisons you if eaten
You can break bedrock
You need a portal to enter the Nether
There are donkies, mules and horses
The Wither is a fictional mob
Fishing rods can be enchanted
You can make bread using only wheat
Gold tools are stronger than iron tools
Squids are the rarest mob
Only Wooden tools can break Obsidian blocks
Milk can heal poisoning
There are 5 minerals in Minecraft (Not Redstone)
You can't obtain a Grassy dirt block
You can shoot arrows through lava
There are Golden carrots
There are 16 different dyes
Chainmail can be created using Iron
Leather armor can be dyed
You cannot craft saddles or name tags
There is only one type of Mushroom

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