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Walt is kidnapped; Jack and Locke stare down the newly opened hatch
Shannon is shot by Ana Lucia
Ethan is revealed to have not been on the manifest
Sayid's future employer is revealed to be Ben
Libby was in the same mental institution as Hurley
The time traveling Jin is rescued by Danielle Rousseau
Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby and frees Ben
Charles Widmore arrives to the island in a submarine
Ben reveals that he has captured Locke's father
Michael makes contact with Walt on the hatch computer
Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are captured; Penny discovers the island
The hatch's occupant is revealed to be Desmond
The pilot's mangled body is seen in a tree
Ben shoots Locke at the DHARMA grave and leaves him for dead
Nikki and Paulo are buried alive
Locke reveals 'Jacob' told him to move the island
Daniel is shot by his own mother in 1977
Henry Gale's cover is blown
Charlie ponders the question: 'where are we?'
Sayid shoots young Ben
Future Sun visits Jin's grave off the island
Widmore's sub surprise is Desmond
Ben moves the island; Locke is in the coffin
'Locke' declares he wishes to kill Jacob
Future Kate's son is Aaron
Jack, Kate, and Hurley realize they've time traveled to 1977
Claire rescues Jin from the Others
Ben kills Jacob; Juliet detonates the hydrogen bomb
Karl and Rousseau are shot by Keamy's mercenaries
Desmond says he has seen visions of Charlie dying
The final cliffhanger: 'I'm going to destroy the island.'

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