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1982Richard Elfman
1985 (title song)John Hughes
1985Tim Burton
1985 (TV episode)William Dear
1986 (TV episode)Tim Burton
1986Alan Metter
1986 (TV theme)Alan Spencer (creator)
1986 (TV episode)George McGrath
1986 (TV episode)George McGrath
1986Emilio Estevez, Robert Wise
1987 (TV episode)Brad Bird
1987Carl Reiner
1987 (TV episode)George McGrath
1987 (TV episode)George McGrath
1988Tim Burton
1988Martin Brest
1988Randal Kleiser
1988Michael Dinner
1988Sally Cruikshank
1988Richard Donner
1989 (TV theme)William Gaines (creator)
1989Tim Burton
1989 (TV theme)Tim Burton (creator)
1989 (TV theme)Matt Groening (creator)
1990Clive Barker
1990Warren Beatty
1990Sam Raimi
1990 (TV theme)Robert Kanigher, John Broome, Carmine Infantino (creators)
1990Tim Burton
1992Howard Deutch
1992Tim Burton
1992 (TV theme)Jean MacCurdy, Tom Ruegger (creators)
1992 (theme)Sam Raimi
1992 (commercials)
1993Jon Amiel
1993 (TV theme)Brad Bird
1993Henry Selick
1994Caroline Thompson
1994Richard Elfman
1995Taylor Hackford
1995Gus Van Sant
1995Albert Hughes
1996Brian De Palma
1996Peter Jackson
1996Matthew Bright
1996Michael Apted
1996Tim Burton
1996 (commercials)
1997 (TV theme)Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis (creators)
1997Barry Sonnenfeld
1997Les Mayfield
1997Gus Van Sant
1997 (theme)Wes Craven
1998Richard Elfman
1998 (adaption)Gus Van Sant
1998Sam Raimi
1998Steven Zaillian
1998 (commercials)Luc Besson
1999 (TV theme)Scott Adams (creator)
1999 (theme)Donald Petrie
1999Jon Turteltaub
1999Wayne Wang
1999Tim Burton
2000 (themes)Tim Burton
2000Taylor Hackford
2000Brett Ratner
2001 (theme)David Mirkin
2001Robert Rodriguez
2001Brian Hadenberg
2001Tim Burton
2002Sam Raimi
2002Barry Sonnenfeld
2002Brett Ratner
2002Rob Marshall
2003Ang Lee
2003Tim Burton
2004Sam Raimi
2004 (Video Game theme)Lionhead Studios (developer)
2004 (TV theme)Marc Cherry (creator)
2005 (TV theme)John McLaughlin, Marti Noxon (creators)
2005Brian Reed Garvin
2005Tim Burton
2005Tim Burton, Mike Johnson
2006Howard Hill
2006Jared Hess
2006Gary Winick
2007Steve Anderson
2007Peter Berg
2008Errol Morris
2008Timur Bekmambetov
2008Guillermo del Toro
2008 (Video Game themes)Lionhead Studios (developer)
2008Gus Van Sant
2009George Tillman, Jr.
2009Ang Lee
2009 (themes)Shane Acker
2009The Museum of Modern Art (Tim Burton)
2010Joe Johnston
2010Tim Burton
2010 (one cue)Matthew Vaughn
2010 (Video Game themes)Lionhead Studios (developer)
2010Paul Haggis
2011Mali Elfman
2011Gus Van Sant
2011 (show)Philippe Decouflé
2011Shawn Levy
2012Gary Ross
2012Tim Burton
2012Barry Sonnenfeld
2012Tim Burton
2012 (Disneyland attraction)Disneyland Hong Kong
2013Sam Raimi
????Richard Elfman

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