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Synonym for non-religious
This man posted the 95 Theses on October 31, 1517
The posting of the 95 Theses marked the beginning of this historical period
This man is nicknamed the 'Father of Humanism'
This man sculpted the bronze David
Painter of the Mona Lisa
This man painted the Sistine Chapel
Painter of the School of Athens
This architect designed the dome for Florence Cathedral, one of the Renaissance's greatest architectural achievements
Sir Thomas More authored this famous book
The Portrait of Erasmus is by this Northern Renaissance painter
This Flemish painter liked to paint village squares, landscapes, and skating scenes
Dante authored this work, which takes the reader through hell, purgatory, and heaven
In 1555, this ended a war over freedom of religion
This English king who separated from the Catholic Church had six wives
Henry VIII established this church after breaking away from the Catholic Church
John Calvin, founder of Calvinism, believed that God already knew what would happen to us when we died, a belief more briefly known as
Anabaptists believed in the baptism of these people
Calvinists in France were known as...
This peace ended the Thirty Years' War
This man was the founder of Islam
This word refers to the journey of the founder of Islam to the city of Medina
The Ottoman empire reached its Golden age under this ruler
Shah Abbas is often regarded as the greatest ruler of this empire
Mehmed II captured this city in 1453
This Mughal leader abolished the jizya (head tax) and did a great job of adapting the Islamic state to the conditions of ruling a non-muslim empire
This ruler built the Taj Mahal as grave for his wife
This Mughal ruler expanded the empire to its furtheset extent
He was the founder of the Safavid Empire, a religiously intolerant Shi'ite
This man, who embarked on seven epic voyages, was the admiral of the chinese fleet under the Ming dynasty
This ruler unified Japan, defeated rivals at the Battle of Sekigahara, and moved the capital to Edo (Tokyo)
This is an economic and political policy that regards wealth as a measure of a nation's strength and encourages a favorable balance of trade
This family ruled Austria during the Age of Absolutism
This family ruled Russia until 1919
The Bourbons ruled this nation
The Hohenzollerns ruled this nation
This man was an important cardinal whose efforts during the reign of Louis XIII laid the foundation for Louis XIV's absolutist reign
Under this ruler, Prussia had a perfectly functioning absolute monarchy
This man wrote the Leviathan
Divine right monarchs believed that their power was derived from...
This man was a great Russian ruler and fought against the Swedes for control of the Baltic
This political uprising in 1688 ended the Stuart dynasty's rule in England
Before the French Revolution, the people of France were organized into three estates. The second estate was comprised mainly of...
In 1793, this Jacobin leader was gaining power in France
Napoleon believed that his greatest work was this comprehensive system of laws
In 1805, Napoleon lost this major sea battle to the British and commander Horatio Nelson
This series of meetings was called to set up policies to achieve a new European order of collective security and stability after Napoleon's downfall

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