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QUIZ: Can you name the albums based on a description of the first thing heard within them?

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SoundAlbum TitleArtist
The band members tuning their instruments and counting to four
A car door slamming and an enging starting
A computerized voice chanting 'oooommmm, oooommmm...'
A man with an Australian accent introducing the group
A beating heart, a cash register, a helicopters' propellers, and voices discussing whether they are mad.
An audio clip from a kung-fu movie ('Shaolin shadowboxing...')
A digitally sequenced kick and clap pattern in 5/4
SoundAlbum TitleArtist
The funk back to the punk, come on, the funk back to the punk, come on...
A vocoded voice listing the days of the week
You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.
The sound of a train, dialogue from the film 'Wild Style', and the artist's debut vocal appearance playing softly in the background
A bass guitar, followed by a pitch-distorted tape playback of a fictional radio interview concerning the existence of UFOs
The artist's professor making a request to write a song 'for the kids'

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