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Can you name the South Park episodes based on its position in a larger narrative?

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Mr. Garrison's Employment
Mr. Garrison gets arrested for soliciting sex from minors 
Mr. Garrison is suspended from teaching. 
Forbidden from teaching third grade due to his sexuality, Mr. Garrison is brought back as a Kindergarten teacher 
After the death of Ms. Choksondik, Mr. Garrison is brought on to teach fourth grade in her place, partly out of fear of a discrimination lawsuit 
Mr. Garrison is fired by PC Principal for disparaging Canadian students 
Stan and Wendy's Relationship
Stan and Wendy's first date 
Wendy dumps Stan 
Wendy and Stan get back together 
Mr. Garrison's Sexual Identity
Mr. Garrison comes out of the closet 
Mr. Garrison undergoes sexual reassignment surgery 
Ms. Garrison comes out of the closet ('Again?') 
Ms. Garrison changes back to a man with new genetic engineering technology 
Meteor Shower
Shelley babysits Cartman while his mom is at a meteor shower party 
Stan is dragged to the meteor shower party, which the ATF mistakes for a cult meeting, and has to play with Butters, Pip and Dougie. 
Kyle takes Kenny to Jew camp to appease Moses during the meteor shower 
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein is killed in a giant fart cloud 
Saddam is killed again by a pack of wild boars, and once again by Satan after being impaled on a stalagmite in Hell. 
Saddam comes back to Hell to win back his ex-lover, Satan. Where was he gonna go, Detroit? 
After being killed over and over again, Satan finally exiles Saddam to Heaven to live with Mormons. 
Saddam disguises himself as Prime Minister of Canada and is caught, in an episode that aired a few days after the real Operation Red Dawn 
Kenny's Death
Kenny is killed off for an extended period of time 
Cartman ingests Kenny's ashes and is possessed by his spirit (while Saddam constructs WMDs in Heaven) 
Cartman continues to be possessed by Kenny while on a quest to the video store. 
Kenny's soul is exorcised from Cartman's body 
Kenny is revived, supposedly because Jesus is killed. 
Other Deaths
Ms. Choksondik dies. Judging by her autopsy, she probably choked on a dick. 
Ms. Crabtree is murdered by a serial killer for being an ancillary character that the fans wouldn't miss much. 
Chef falls off a bridge and is mauled by mountain lions after joining Super Adventure Club. 
Pip is crushed by Mecha-Streisand 
Cartman kills Polly Prissypants, who murdered the rest of his stuffed animals in an attempt to get him to grow up. 
Clyde's mom is killed by a toilet. 

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