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Official Name of Japan
Japans Nickname
Colours of the Flag (colour, colour)
Number of Prefectures
Year of Japans foundation (BCE)
Name of the current Emporor
Name of the current Primeminister
Political Party ruling Japan for the longest time
National Anthem
Official Language
Capital of Japan
Former Imperial Capital
Floral Imperial Symbol
Monarchical Residence
National Flower
Which Shrine keeps the Imperial Insignia 'Kusanagi no Tsurugi'
Which constitutional Article bounds Japan to be pacifistic
Japans population in million
Largest Religion
Second largest Religion
Recognized Indigenous Group
Ethnic Japanese minority
Military class during feudal Japan
Largest Ethnic Minority
Dialect spoken in the Kinki Region
Buddhist Patron of the Children
In which Prefecture is the Ise-jingū located
Festival held in Kawasaki at Kanayama Shrine
Main Island (north)
Main Island (central)
Main Island (south-central)
Main Island (south)
Island chain (south)
Japan consists of how many islands approx.
Highest point (3,776 m)
Most Eastern Isle of Japan
Second biggest City
Third biggest City
Oldest City in Japan
Former Name of Tokyo
Number of Cities with more than 1 mn inhabitants
Neighboring countries (1,000 km range)
Neighboring countries (1,000 km range)
Neighboring countries (1,000 km range)
Neighboring countries (1,000 km range)
Neighboring countries (1,000 km range)
Neighboring countries (1,000 km range)
Name of the disputed island chain (North)
Time Period of the first Shogunate
Name of the Timeperiod between 1477-1573
Famous Shogun
Unifier of Japan
Unifier of Japan
Who forced open the borders of Japan in 1853
Name of the Restoration era
Begin of the Russo-Japanese War
City of the first nuclear bomb
City of the second nuclear bomb
Year of commencement of the Constitution
Location of the Nuclear Disaster in 2011
Writer of 'The Tale of Genji'
Best-selling Manga
Traditional Theatre
Traditional Theatre (with masks)
Traditional Poetry
Traditional Calligraphy
Traditional music
Traditional Paper Folding
Traditional Underwear
Traditional Dish: noodle soup
Traditional Dish: raw fish
Traditional Dish: rice ball
Traditional Bath House
Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan
National Sport
Most Popular Sports
Japanese Chess
Famous anime director
Famous folklore tale about a boy
Famous monster from Japanese films
City of the Winter Olympics 1972
City of the Winter Olympics 1998
Largest proportion of Export Volume goes to
Name of the Japanese Stock Index
Biggest Company
Worlds oldest company was
National Bullettrain
Which day begins the 'Golden Week' (dd.mm.)
Oldest University in Japan
Naptime at Work
Centre of the Weeb World
To which fastfood chain do Japanese go at Christmas
Approx. number of vending machines in Japan (in million)
The biggest Japanese community outside of Japan is in...
Which country introduced salmon sushi to Japan in the 1980s
How many ways to say 'sorry' exist in Japanese
Region that was named in Pokémon
How many Japanese use the internet (in %)
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