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A stars starts out as a ball of gas and dust called a . . .
Stars are made up of what to gases?
Nuclear____occurs in stars
_____molecules collide during a ______to form Helium
_____stars are the hottest
_____stars are the coolest
what are four ways we can classify stars? 1.
2. (sorry they have to be in order!)
8. A________ acts like a prism and breaks up white light into different wavelengths
a _______breaks up a star's light into a spectrum
When we match________lines to ______spectrum, we can determine the elements in a star. This also gives each star a unique fingerprint.
How bright a star seems is called ____________magnitude
How bright a star really is is called ___________magnitude
The brighter a star actually is, the more ________the number
A _______ star is actually two stars that revolve around each other.
_______stars are stars whose brightness changes
What type of star is Cephid?
How many years long is the sun's cycle?
The HR diagram graphs ______on the x axis and ______on the y axis
This is the way of measuring distance to the nearest stars using the apparent shift in a star's position using math and a telescope.
The_____the greater the effect
This effect occurs because of ______________
We see different parts of the sky during different seasons because of two reasons. 1.
All stars seem to rotate around which star?
Stars that can be seen all year are called...?
What is the first phase of a star called?
What is the 2nd phase of a star called?
What is the 3rd phase of a star called?
What is the final phase of a star called?
What is the type of star that is the oldest in the galaxy and has a very low mass?
What is the longest stage of a star's life?
force of pressure=force of gravity means ____doesn't change
During the 3rd phase of a star, all the _____is used up
What are white dwarves made up of?
The possible fate of a massive star that involves an explosion . . . .
After an explosion, this tiny, but extremely massive and dense star can form
A dense, spinning star that sends out radio waves is called . . .
If a collapsed star is extremely massive, a _________ can form that emits x rays
The color of our sun is . . . .
What stage is our sun in?
How old is our sun?
How much longer will it live?
What major reaction is happening in the sun?
What state of matter is the sun?
What is the hottlest layer of the sun where nuclear fusion takes place?
What is the slightly cooler yet very dense layer called?
What layer does the sun's magnetic field slow down circulation and there is rise and fall of gas currents?
What is the coolest layer that we can see and has sunspots?
What is the thin layer?
What is the layer where solar winds come from and it messes with communications on Earth?
What is the apparent shift in a stars motion because of Earth’s revolution around the sun, “thumb shift?'
What is the imaginary sphere around Earth?
What uses altitude, zenith, horizon to measure?
How many constellations are there?
What effect shows that our universe is expanding?
_____shift meansthat our universe is expanding
_____shift meansthat our universe is shrinking
Who predicted motion of the planets better than any other past astronomer?
Who used the Heliocentric Model?
Who made the Most detailed astrononomical observations made up to that time?
Who came up with the 3 laws of planetary motion?
Who first used the telescope?
Who came up with the Laws of Gravity?
Who thought there were more galaxies beyond the Milky Way?
What are the two types of telescopes?
What are the two best places to put telescope?

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