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AIDS is a major problem in this country.
What country in Indochina faced a decrease in population during the 1970s and early 80s?
Where does the Thai king live?
What type of government does Vietnam have?
What is the largest ethnic group in Malaysia?
What famous river runs along the northeast of Thailand?
What type of government does Laos have?
Country once known as Burma
East Timor is known best as the ___est country in Southeast Asia
Who is the current leader of Indonesia?
What is the 2nd largest religion in Vietnam?
What country seems to be moving towards taking over Laos?
These tribal people from Laos helped American pilots who crashed during the Vietnam War.
Which European agreed to open a duty-free port in Singapore?
A Muslim leader that claims almost full sovereignty in practical terms.
What is Singapore's main religion?
Name of Vietnam guerrilla forces
Who was Indonesia's first president?
This country suffered from 20 years of civil war in the 20th century, leading to the deaths of 200,000 people
Who was the leader of the My Lai massacre proceedings?
Malaysia became a leader in this technology due to influence from the U.S. and Japan
What country attacked East Timor after it initially declared its independence?
Myanmar's government is a __ military dictatorship
Indonesian terrorist groups used this policy to ruin East Timor's infrastructure
Name one of Malaysia's products that they lead in for production.
What major agricultural export does Thailand lead in producing?
What is Malaysia's primary religion?
What country owned Vietnam from 1900 to 1954?
What Filipino opposition leader was assassinated prior to election?
Indonesia has instituted this program to encourage people to move outside of Java
Primary religion of Thailand
What mid-60's act was instituted in Singapore that could allow the arrest of anyone 'deemed a threat'?
Name one of the two countries that have last controlled the Philippines.
What was Cambodia known as during Khmer Rouge reign?
What American naval station in the Philippines was abandoned in 1992?
What type of economy does Indonesia have?
This leader started the Thai silk industry.
What party controlled Cambodia from '75 to '79?
Indonesia is the only Southeast Asian member of ___.
Where does Singapore rank economically in SE Asia?
The majority lives on which part of Malaysia? Borneo or the Malay Peninsula?
What is Vietnam's primary religion?
What country 'dominated' Vietnam for a thousand years?
What infamous leader of the Philippines declared martial law in 1972?
Term for a Malaysian village
What political party has been in control of Singapore for a number of years?
Name one significant natural resource in Vietnam
Name the two largest minorities in Myanmar.
Who is Singapore's current prime minister?
What battle in Vietnam resulted in French defeat?
Give a rough estimate (in thousands) of the number islands in the Philippines.
Fires from slash-and-burn during a drought led to a large ____ blocking the sun in Southeast Asia
Vietnam leads in the production of what two major crops?
Part of Malaysia is located on what large island?
What province is located at the tip of the island of Sumatra?
What is Myanmar's historic and economic heartland?
Main river of Myanmar
What type of wood in Myanmar is a very valuable resource?
Which country invaded Cambodia during the Vietnam War?
The river delta of this river is very beneficial for Vietnam.
What is the Philippines' main religion?
Primary religion of Myanmar
Where is Singapore's port ranked among the rest of the world?
Malaysia's economic policy of quotas for university slots and government positions decreased what?
Who is Singapore's Founding Father and first prime minister?
Who is Cambodia's current prime minister?
The countries around the Pacific Ocean are known as the
Who won the Tet Offensive?
What is Brunei's uniting force?
What is the name of the huge famous temple in Cambodia
Who leads the democratic movement in Myanmar?
Is Brunei really old or young?
Who controlled Myanmar until 1948?
Who took over the Philippines after Marcos fled the country?
What is the name of the only landlocked SE Asian country?
What country blocked free election in Vietnam?
What was attempted that led to Sukarno stepping down, to be replaced by Suharto?
What anti-semetic leader of Malaysia ruled from 1981-2003? (nickname)
What battle was a major turning point in attitude towards the Vietnam War
Name the tall structure(s) in Malaysia.
What is the name of the largest island in the Philippines?
Name one of two famous wats in Thailand.
What country did Brunei split away from?
What is East Timor's primary religion?
What form of writing is banned in Malaysia?
Proper name for mainland SE Asia
What is the primary river in Thailand?
What two countries have owned East Timor in the past?
Name one of the largest minorities in Singapore.
Name one of Singapore's three languages.
What island is Brunei on?
What was Suharto's wife's name?
What date and year did South Vietnam fall?
Who is the leader of the Philippines?
Quote: 'We see the light at the end of the tunnel' (just type in ok)
Country formerly known as Siam
This country is dealing with a Muslim insurgency in the south.
Largest ethnic group in Myanmar
Cambodians performed a mass exodus from the capital of Cambodia. What capital was this?
Name the most famous Buddha statue in Myanmar.
What type of government does Singapore have?
Which president escalated American forces in Vietnam by 500,000 people?
What country gained independence in 1948?
What is the ethnic majority in Singapore?
Name one of three countries that made up French Indochina.
What leader led the Vietnamese against France and in the Vietnam War? (full name)

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