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_____ factors are chemicals that stimulate a cell and divide and undergo mitosis.
During the last step of cell division, what divides to create the two new daughter cells?
The ras gene in rats that leads to cancer is an example of what type of gene?
What is the process of reproduction called when a severed piece of the adult becomes a new organism (planaria)
What is the term for growing back lost cells?
_______ is a disease that is caused when a cell continually divides and grows at an uncontrolled rate.
Cancer mostly occurs in people over __ years old.
During which phase does the nucleus divide?
What kind of asexual reproduction is when the parent grows small organisms off parts of its body and then it is released? (hydra)
A chromosome before it replicates is a pile of __________
What is it called when new plants grow from roots, stems, or leaves of parent plant (strawberries)
During what stage is there a dark nucleus?
The changes a cell undergoes to become a specific type of cell is called ________________
During the cell cycle, the cell ________and____________
Cancer cells occur when a __________ occures in genes that control cell division
Chromatin condenses to aide in what of the DNA?
When cell division is not controlled, it can create _____
All cells come from one cell, a fertilized _____
The protein in the centromere that attaches to the chromosome is called what?
What are the stages of the cell cycle in order?
What are pieces of microtubules that are part of the centrosome that help in the division of chromsomes?
During what stage do the chromosomes move to the metaphase plate and attach to spindle fibers at the centromere?
Most of the cells in your body contain how many sets of chromosomes?
After replication, the chromosome with its copy is called a _______ ______ which is held together at the _____________
What is the groove called in the middle of a parent cell in an animal cell where the cytoplasm splits to form two daughter cells?
During which phase are the sister chromatids pulled to opposite sides by the spindle fibers?
Cancer cells _______the normal tissue cells which results in the failure of organs
Prokaryotes divide through a process called ____________________
Cells that first divide and don't have a specific job are called ____________
When it is time to divide, chromatin condenses into what?
During which phase does DNA replicate?
Cancer cells have the ability to _________ to other parts of the body
Mitosis only occurs in _________, such as plant and animal cells.
A harmful tumor is called ________
Stem cells can become a _____,______,or _____ cell
A stem cell that is only 3-5 days old is called an __________cell
The phase when a cell is not dividing is known as ________
During which phase does the cell grow and make organelles and cytoplasm?
_________ reproduction is the process in which a parent divides to produce offspring
How does one cell make the trillions of cells that people consist of?
During what type of asexual reproduction does the cell divide in half and each daughter cell is identical? (bacteria)
The DNA of cells is stored in __________
Genes that can cause cancer when mutated are known as ....?
During what stage does the nuclear membrane begin to disappear, the chromosomes condense, and centrioles replicate?
The three sections of interphase are ....?
During which phase does the cell grow, prepare for mitosis, and make organelles?
What are the two phases of division?
The two main types of stem cells are called _________ and _________
When cancer cells float through the blood stream and invade other tissue, it is known as....?
What is the longest phase in the cell cycle/life cycle of the cell?
Which organelle makes the vesicles which secrete cell wall and cell membrane particles?
During which phase does the cleavage furrow or cell plate form?
Substances that can cause cancer are known as ___________
What are the four steps of mitosis in order?
Chromosomes take the form of what during interphase?
In a plant cell, a __________ forms instead of a cleavage furrow. It is made up of cell wall and membrane materials.
During which phase do the chromosomes relax, nuclear membrane begins to form around chromosomes, and the cell begins to divide?
What is the name for a fertilized egg?
A harmless tumor is called _______
A cell 'knows' what type of cell to become because of its _____
The 3-5 day old cell is known as _____________ because it can give rise to all different types of cells

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