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The Church focused on secular subjects and humanities, such as rhetoric, history, poetry, and ______.
The Renaissance was the rebirth of what two things?
Italy had ______ cities (urban centers)
Trade during the __________ led to the growth of larger city-states in Northern Italy.
Italy's location encouraged trade with well-developed __________ on the eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and North Europe
Trade created large _________ throughout the region.
The new towns became breeding grounds for new ideas and an __________ revolution.
Genoa is located in ____ Italy
Florence is located inland on the ____ river.
Florence's economy was based on the trade of these three substances: 1.
Genoa, Florence, Venice and Milan ran their own ________
Which family ruled Florence during the Quattrocento?
Who was the first powerful Medici?
He gained control in what year?
Who created a life-size statue of a soldier on horseback? And 'David?'
Who created the dome on the cathedral in Florence?
Who made sketches of nature and models? And disssected corpses to learn how muscles work? And his best known works were the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper?
Name some things da Vinci studied other than art:
Who created the bronze sculpture David? And decorated the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel?
What was the work he made the depicted Mary holding Jesus?
Rafael blended _______and classical styles.
He was best known for his portrayal of _________, or the Virgin Mary
A famous work of Rafael's was ___________________, which depicted an imaginary gathering of great thinkers and scientists.
One of these great thinkers was an Arab philosopher named . . .
Who was commissioned by a wealthy merchant to decorate the Aerna chapel with scenes from the Bible? This guy also painted with fresco?
Who spent 50 years creating two pairs of bronze doors for the Baptistery of the local cathedral in France?
Who decorated a chapel in France using perspective in a fresco called 'The Cripple and the Resurrection of Tabitha?'
Writers of the Renaissance reflected interests in _____________ and _____________.
Who was a writer from Florence who wrote for his muse, Beatrice? His most famous work is 'The Divine Comedy?'
Who wrote in both Latin and Italian? And wrote in honor of a woman named Laura?
This guy strove for ___________and___________
A widely read guidebook about how to achieve success was ________________________
This book was written by whom?
Machiavelli was concerned with political ______________
'The _____ justifies the _______'
Machiavelli believed immoral acts were justified if the served the whats of the state?

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