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Made discus thrower. Statues idealized what people should look like rather than what they were. 
In charge of Parthenon's sculptures. Sculpted Athena. Perfect statue. 
Life sized statues that emphasized grace rather than power. 
'Father of Tragedy.' 1st great writer of tragedies. Law of community, not revenge. Orchestra should decide punishment. 
Wrote tragedies, accepted human suffering as part of life. Stressed human courage and compassion. Oedipus Rex. 
Wrote tragedies, focused on qualities human beings possess bring disaster on themselves. Trojan Women. 
Wrote comedies, imaginative social satires. The Clouds. 
Comedies about everyday life. 
Believed in the relative truth. Developed Socratic method. Teaching technique dev. by Socrates using questions and answers. Search for truth the most important thing. 'Know Thyself.' 
Student of Socrates, began the Academy, taught the Socratic method. Wrote the Republic, book on political science that presented a plan for the ideal society and gov't. Wanted most intelligent and educated citizens in gov't. 
Student of Plato, taught Alexander the Great. Opened school call 'Lyceum.' Wrote 200 books on science, poetry, political science and weather. Believed Earth center of solar system. Politics book on gov't in the city-states in Greece. 
Criticized materalism and believed people would be happy if they gave up luxuries and lived simply in accord with natre. Began cynacism. 
Began epicureanism. People should avoid both joy and pain by accepting the world as it was ignoring politics, living simply and quietly with a few close friends. 
Began Stoicism. What happened to people was governed by natural laws. People gain happiness by ignoring their emotions and following their reason. If do this, can accept most difficult of circumstances and do their duty. 
'Father of History' wrote a history on Persian Wars, Historia. Not very historically accurate, numbers exaggerated. 
Wrote History of the Peloponnesian War and known as first scientific historian. 
Dev. idea of a solid particle of matter so small it was invisible and not divisible (atom) 
Theory that water was basic substance of which everything in the world is made. 
Estimated earth's circumference to within 1% 
Invented pulley, cylinder screw, principle of buoyancy, lever, pi 
Tried to explain everything in mathermatical terms. Pythagorean theorem. World was round and revolved around a fixed point, believed these things. 
'Father of Geometry' Book organized all info on geometry. 
'Father of Medicine.' Believed diseased had natural causes and body could heal itself. First doctor to view medicine as science. Hippocratic oath, oath doctors take Code for ethical medical conduct. 
Sun is larger than earth, earth revolves around sun, stars are at immense distance from both 

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