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Can you name the leaders potentially on my exam?

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North Korea's current President
South Korea's current President
Chinese Emperor; Started construction of Great Wall
'George Washington' of China; leader of rebellion
Leader during the White Terror
Led the Long March in China and set up several long term plans
Led the Four Modernizations
Wrote that history unfolds through a 'dialectic process'
Founder of Taoism
Wrote about the five stages of history - slavery, feudalism, capitalism, socialism and communism
U.N. Secretary General
Founder of Confucianism
Assistant to founder of Confucianism
Famous American commander in Korean War
Chinese President (full name)
Arranged a historic ping pong game between China and the USA
Ancient Mali ruler; traveled to Mecca
Famous leader of ancient Songhai
Explorer who effectively destroyed the empire of Zimbabwe
Ravaged the Congo Free State for his own gain
Formed the Berlin Conference in 1884
Black African leader of rebellion in Kenya
Ethiopian insurgence leader who defeated Italians
Former Uganda leader and accused cannibal
Leader of the Lord's Resistance Army from Uganda
Former white supremacist leader in Zimbabwe
Founding father of Japan
This family led Japan and instituted a policy of isolationism
Commodore who obtained access to ports in Japan
Emperor who ruled during Japan's end to isolationism
Japanese emperor during WWII
Current emperor of Japan
President of Kenya
PM of Kenya
Nobel Prize winning writer and environmentalist from Africa
Leader of Kenya from 1978 to 2002, eventually becoming corrupt
Ethiopian emperor overthrown by Mussolini
Current leader of Sudan
former Sudanese rebel leader who died in plane crash
Founder of the economic system of 'ujamaa'
Former socialist leader of DR of the Congo
Rebel leader who overthrew a former DR Congo leader
Son of former rebel leader in DR Congo
Oppressive leader in Zimbabwe
Poet and environmentalist executed for murder in Nigeria despite being innocent
Former leader in Liberia previous to rebel insurgency
Rebel leader in Liberia
Current leader of Liberia
Current leader of Sierra Leone
Leader of Colombia
Former Peruvian leader of Japanese descent
President of Peru
Leader of Brazil
Recent female socialist leader in Chile
Leader of Ecuador
Leader of Venezuela
Former dictator of Chile
Leader of Bolivia
Leader of Argentina
First leader of an independence movement in the Americas
Current president of Mexico
Led independence movements in much of the Americas, particularly northern South America
Led independence movements in southern South America
Leader of Nicaragua
Led Mexican Revolution
First rebellion in Mexico was led by
Second rebellion in Mexico led by
Third and successful rebellion in Mexico led by
Perron (male) who ruled Argentina
Perron (female) who ruled Argentina

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