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MTPO runner, does blindfolded too
Zelda, SotN, Castlevania 64, Commander Keen runner, super popular
Organizes AGDQ
Plays his OoT on N64, can be fast in real life too
DKC3 WR holder
Pokémon, Australian
Canadian, plays a lot of FPS games, has subscribers
SMB1 WR holder
Ocarina of Time runner whose name is often confused with another speedrunner
Banjo-Kazooie master
Mexican, runs Battletoads
Organizes SGDQ
DK64 101% WR holder
Runs DKCR, Rayman and Kingdom Hearts
Super Mario 64 120 star WR holder
Runs Portal 1 and 2, and DK64
Runs a lot of NES games and has a weird webcam setup
WR holder at Super Mario World
Goldeneye speedrunner, came up with N64 triathlon idea
Runs SMRPG, Gimmick!, A Link to the Past
Super Mario Bros. runner, also plays DK64, SM64, Super Mario 3D Land, Super Metroid
Diddy Kong Racing and Super Mario Sunshine runner
Yoshi's Island runner
Yoshi's Island runner
Yoshi's Island runner
DK64 any% WR holder
OoT 100% WR holder
Finnish Super Mario Sunshine and Twilight Princess runner
Organizes Sunday Showcase Race
Ultimate gamer and most influential speedrunner of all time

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