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Can you name the Marvel Villain Alter-Egos

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Abner Jenkins
Adrian Toomes
Amahl Farouk
Boris Bullski
Brock Rumlow
Cain Marko
Calvin Zabo
Carl Creel
Chen Lu
Cletus Kasady
Curt Connors
David Cannon
Dirk Garthwaite
Ebenezer Laughton
Eddie Brock
Emil Blonsky
En Sabah Nur
Eric Williams
Frank Payne (Schlichting)
Franklin Hall
Fred J. Dukes
George Tarleton
Harvey Rupert Elder
Herman Schultz
Irene Adler
Ivan Kragoff
Jason Wyngarde
Jerome Beechman
Johann Shmidt
Jonathan Powers
Karl Lykos
Karla Sofen
Kenuichio Harada
Kevin MacTaggert
Klaus Vorhees
Leland Owlsley
Lonnie Thompson Lincoln
Lord John Falsworth
Mac Gargan
Marc Scarlotti
Marvin Flumm
Mary MacPherran
Max Eisenhardt
Maxwell Dillon
Maynard Tiboldt
Miles Warren
Morris Bench
Mortimer Toynbee
Nathaniel Essex
Ned Leeds
Norman Osborn
Otto Octavius
Owen Reece
Parker Robbins
Paul Norbert Ebersol
Paul Pierre Duval
Peter Petruski
Phillip Masters
Phineas T. Mason
Quentin Beck
Raven Darkholme
Samuel 'Starr' Saxon
Samuel Sterns
Sebastian Shaw
Sergei Kravinoff
St. John Allerdyce
Todd Arliss
Victor Creed
Victor von Doom
Whitney Frost
William Baker
Wilson Fisk
Zebediah Killgrave
Zelda DuBois

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