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Along with Washington, D.C., it is one of two national capitals to be named after a U.S. President.
It is famous as the location of the greatest works of James Joyce, including Ulysses, which is set in [CAPITAL] and full of topical detail.
[COUNTRY] and its capital, are reported to both have among the highest per capita murder rates in the world. Most murders and other violent crimes go unsolved.
By 1942, [CAPITAL] had become a major centre of the Soviet partisan resistance movement in the German-Soviet War. For this role, [CAPITAL] was awarded the title Hero City in 1974.
The city of [CAPITAL] was founded by John Clarkson in 1792, as a land for freed African American slaves.
The city was attacked in 1976 by the Polisario Front, as part of the Western Sahara independence movement.
In contemporary times the city has often faced severe infrastructural damage, most recently due to the American-led foreign occupation in March 2003, and sectarian violence.
The [CAPITAL] town plan, like its architecture, was chosen with one single chief consideration: to be a symbol of British power and supremacy.
Before independence, [CAPITAL] was a 'Russified' city, the majority of its population being ethnic Russians. In 2004, Russians made up approximately 20% of the city's population.
The town, located along the Rhine, has about 5,100 inhabitants (as of 2009), most of whom are Roman Catholic.
[CAPITAL]'s urban transport is dependent upon the five 'ring roads' that surround the city, with the Forbidden City area marked as the geographical center for the rings.
Since the complete division of [CAPITAL] following the Turkish Invasion in 1974, the [CAPITAL] Turkish Municipality has become the de facto local authority of northern [CAPITAL].
[CAPITAL] is at the south-western tip of the North Island on Cook Strait, the passage that separates the North and South Islands.
The city was founded by Saint Marinus and several Christian refugees in the year 301. From then on the city became a center of Christian refugees who fled from Roman persecution.
[CAPITAL] is a planned city, and was built mainly in the 1980s. It officially became [COUNTRY]'s capital on 12 December 1991, replacing Lagos.
According to Forbes 2011, [CAPITAL] has the largest community of billionaires in the world. [CAPITAL] is the northernmost megacity on Earth.
In February and March 2011, [CAPITAL] witnessed intense anti-government protests and violent government responses resulting in hundreds killed and wounded.
[CAPITAL] (and sometimes Aiwo) is usually listed as the capital of [COUNTRY] though this is incorrect; the republic does not have cities or an official capital.
[CAPITAL] was named after the unique temple Kasthamandap. In Sanskrit, Kastha (काष्ठ) means 'wood' and Mandap (मंडप/मण्डप) means 'covered shelter'.
[CAPITAL] has featured as an important location in several movies, including the Beatles film Help! and the James Bond films Thunderball, Never Say Never Again, and Casino Royale.
The demography of [CAPITAL] is unusual in that the majority of residents are expatriates, with [COUNTRY] nationals forming a minority.

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