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Forced Order
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How many principals worked at sunnydale high throughout the series?
What is the title of the series finale?
How many days was Buffy dead for after season 5, not including the day she rose?
When did Harmony get sired?
what is Harmony's last name?
At the senior prom, the senior class creates an award to present to Buffy. It is:
What is Oz's first and last name?
Who said this: 'There's one thing I really didn't factor into all're a thundering looney!'From the Episode: 'Out of Mind, Out of Sight'
who needs to take seven and they might take yours?
Who kills Glory?
Who said this: 'Since the picture you just painted means I will never touch food of any kind again, you'll just have to pick it up yourself.'From the Episode: 'Hush'
Who actually summoned the demon in the episode 'Once More With Feeling'?
Who did Spike take his leather jacket from?
who is 'the doctor?'
What is the color of the crayon in Willow and Xander's childhood crayon story?
Who is the female character in the opening scene of the series premiere?
Who is the first person to die at Adam's hands?
What is Xander's middle name?
Who said this:' What were you trying to do? Scratch his back from the front?'From the Episode: 'Storyteller'
What is the title of the book that is shown in the opening credits in all 7 seasons?
What is the fake human name Anya invents for herself?
Who said this: 'Kiss rocks? Why would anyone want to kiss...oh, wait. I get it.'From the Episode: 'Band Candy'
Who said this: 'Well this is exciting. A slayer up for murder one. Thats sunshine and roses to me, it really is'From the Episode: 'Consequences'
Who said this:'Well, excuse me, Mister 'I Spent the Sixties in an Electric Kool-Aid Funky Satan Groove.''From the Episode: 'Beer Bad'
How many times have Joyce and Giles slept together?
How many times does Xander bring Buffy back to life?
In the episode 'Band Candy', all the adults are acting like teenagers. Principal Snyder gets in the car with the scoobies and tells Buffy she drives like what?
What is the name of the band to perform the buffy theme song?
What is the title of the musical episode in season 6?
Who said this: 'A BEAR! YOU MADE A BEAR! UNDO IT! UNDO IT!'From the Episode: 'Pangs'
Who said this:'There are some things I can just smell. It's like a sixth sense.'From the Episode: 'When She Was Bad'
After Xander sees video of Spike and Anya sleeping together, what weapon does he take to slay Spike?
Who said this:'Buffy has super strength, let's just load her up like one of those little horses.'From the Episode: 'The Replacement'
What is the technical name for Uber-Vamps?
Initially Tara tells Willow to go how long without magic?
What is the name of the slayer called after the master briefly kills Buffy?
Who said this: 'Danced with is a pretty loose term. Mated with might be a little closer.'From the Episode: 'Some Assembly Required'
What is the name of the live pig Xander eats in 'The Pack'?
Who said this:''I've seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You're a hell of a woman. You're the one, Buffy.'From the Episode: 'Touched'
What is the name Buffy goes by the summer she runs away and works as a waitress?
Who said this: 'The count of three isn't a plan. It's Sesame Street.'From the Episode: 'Bad Girls'
What is the name of the demon in season 7 who peels their victim's skin and eats it?
In the episode 'Tabula Rasa' what name does Buffy give herself after the scoobies lose their memories?
Who said this: 'You know what it means that he can't hurt any living thing? It means he can't even pick flowers.'From the Episode: 'Out of My Mind'
What is Faith's last name?
Who does Xander lose his virginity to?
In season 6, Giles tries to leave for England quietly. The scooby gang catches up to him just in time. The sign they made for Giles says:
Who said this:'Hey, did everybody see that guy just turn to dust?'From the Episode: 'Surprise'
Which of the mortal characters' actor in season six actually made their first appearance as a vampire minion in season five?
The name of Warren's x girlfriend who he kills in season 6

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