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In other WordsMovie Title
Having a nickel and finding a penny
Nelly's Nike's
Lumpy Fantasy Orange Juice
The Sheep's Mute Cousins
Murder of the Teasing Avian
Disappeared with a Gust
A Barbie's Tale
Woodchuck's 24 Hours
Lottery Winning Infant
The Search for the Captain of the Nautilus
In other WordsMovie Title
To seek out a Thrift Store
Company of the Lochness creature, the Yeti, and Bigfoot
A Princess's Hero in Shining Armor, minus the shining
Canine's in a Tank
Meadow infested with Serpents
Burning Horse Seats
An angry Maximum abbreviation
The Precipitation Guy
Kingdom Animalia's Creatures Dwelling
A Jungle Cat that supports Breast Cancer Awareness

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