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Archduke Ferdinand was assasinated in Sarajevo to start WWI. What modern nation has Sarajevo as its capital?
Auschwitz, the largest German concentration camp of WWII was built in what country?
Napoleon was exiled to Saint Helena in 1815. St. Helena is now classified as a dependent territory of what modern country?
Marco Polo was a Venetian merchantmen who explored through Asia for 24 years and met Kublai Khan. If he lived during modern times what country would he be from?
Kamikaze winds saved what modern nation from two of Kublai Khan's invasions?
Vikings discovered the cities of Cork, Limerick and also the capital city of what modern nation?
Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, has been renamed and now resides in what modern nation?
The British East India company established control of Ceylon in 1796. Ceylon is now what modern nation?
The largest city of what modern nation got its start as a convict settlement in 1778?
Hernan Cortez was a Spanish Conquistador who brought down the Aztec Empire in 1521. The Aztec's capital lies in what modern nation?
Historical EventNation
The Treaty of Tordesillas was an agreement to split the New World in half. The agreement was signed between Spain and what other nation?
The United States made the Louisiana Purchase to more than double its size at the time. What nation did the United States purchase the land from?
The Ming Dynasty of China extended the Great Wall to protect themselves from a group of nomads to their north. What modern nation takes its name from these northern nomads?
The Salt March, which started the wider Civil Disobedience Movement, took place in what modern country to protest a British instituted salt tax?
Howard Carter, a British archaeologist, discovered the burial site of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. The Valley of the Kings lies in what modern nation?
Nelson Mandela was the first president to be elected in a fully representative democratic election in what country?
Simon Bolivar nicknamed 'El Libertador' was a revolutionary who lead 6 nations to their independence was born in Caracas. Caracas lies in what modern country?
The United States fought the Barbary Coast pirates in the Battle of Derne, in the quasi-independent nation of Tripoli. Today Tripoli is the capital of what nation?
The French and Indian Wars was finally won by Great Britian when it captured a major city in New France. What modern nation does this city lie in?
The Battle of Marathon which occured between the Athenians and Persians was fought on land which is now part of what modern nation?

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