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ACreatures said to be not from this earth. Crash landing said to have occured in Roswell, NM.
BNorth American beast who is said to live out in the wilderness of Canada or the Northern United States.
CAnimals whom are said to be blood-suckers and are said to inhabit Mexico and the Southern United States
DReptilian/serpentine like beast. One has been proven to exist.
EDepicted sometimes as short human like beings who use magical abilities to craft things.
FNature Spirits usually shown as being small human-like creatures who have wings
GPart lion part eagle. Today its likeness is used to guard valuable things.
HA 9-Headed beast told about in Greek mythology. It was told that when one head was chopped off 2 more would grow in its place.
IGreek centaurine sea-gods with the upper body of a man, lower front of a horse, and tail of a fish. They are part of the astronomical constellation Picses.
JDescribed in a poem as having 'a jaw that bites', 'claws that catch', and 'eyes of flame.'
KMariners tale of this beast. Comparable to a Giant Squid
LRumored to live in a loch in Scotland.
MAn half fish-half woman creature.
NGreek mythologic being who personified the creative and fostering activities of nature.
OLarge, cruel, hideous beast often depicted as feasting on humans. Featured in a few fairy tales.
PA bird who according to legend burns itself and nest to ashes by which a new egg emerges to restart the cycle.
QA cherokee legend tells of this part wolf, part man, part dog, part jackal. Very similar to a werewolf but cannot transform into a human.
REgyptian mythologic being that had the head of a falcon and a human body. A sun disk sat upon its head.
SAnother name for a fairy.
TNorse mythologic beast who is similar to the giant but smaller.
UA mythical one horned beast.
VA human like creature who sucks blood for nourishment.
WA part-man part-wolf creature whose part wolf side comes out during full moons.
XPre-Qin dynasty Chinese mythological headless giant.
YA mountain creature who is rumored to live in the Himalayas.
ZA creature who rises from the dead.

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