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What wizard served as a friend and advisor to King Arthur?
What literary trilogy takes place in the country of Panem, especially in its capital and District 12?
What inventor is credited with the phonograph and the electric light bulb?
Which of the five big or great cats is the species Panthera Leo?
What housewares company, with headquarters in the Netherlands, was founded by Ingvar Kamprad?
What mountain range separates Spain and France?
Which U.S. First Lady had an anti-drug campaign called 'Just Say No'?
What is the capital of Egypt?
What book by Charles Dickens is also the name of a famous illusionist who was married to Claudia Schiffer?
What 1980's Berkeley Breathed comic strip with Opus the Penguin returned online in 2015?
What is the square root of 1,600?
After Manchester United, what London team has the most Premier League championships?
What search engine company, headed by Marissa Mayer, has a name that originates with Jonathan Swift?
Which western U.S. state gets its name from the Spanish for 'snow-covered?'
What is the scientific name of the breastbone?
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What is the name of either nation that is on the island of Hispaniola?
What is the largest planet in our solar system?
What artist topped the charts first with 'Heartbreak Hotel' and lastly with 'Suspicious Minds'?
What Pixar animated series released its fourth installment in 2019?
What TV family has pets named Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II?
Who is the author of 'The Shining', 'Pet Sematary', and 'The Stand'?
What name is shared by actor Kevin, painter Francis, and a cured pork product?
What zodiac sign falls between Leo and Libra?
Which chemical element has the symbol K?
What breakfast cereal has the tagline 'They're magically delicious!'?
What board game features a candlestick, a kitchen, and Colonel Mustard?
What 5-letter word is used to describe an angle that is less than 90 degrees?
Which French impressionist painter is famed for his series of water lilies and his Japanese gardens?
Who was the first head of government of the Soviet Union?
What is the subtitle of the 7th episode of the 'Star Wars' movie franchise?

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