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Who was Rome named after?His brother was Remus, who he killed in a fit of anger.
What was one of the rivers in the Underworld?
What is the name of the old ferryman who ferries the dead down the Acheron where Cerberus stands guard?
Which god guides the souls of the dead into the underworld?The 'messenger god'
If you needed a doctor, the class he would be in is ____
A highly sought after career for a roman boy was?Not doctoring, that was for a slave to do.
France was called ____ in Roman timesGallia, in Latin.
Caesar died on what day of what month?'the Ides of ____'
Name the 3 headed dog guarding the underworld?
What was the Ancient Roman version of heaven?Tartarus was the version of Hell.
Dessert was called what?It means 'Second table'
What was the lower class called?Patricians were upper class.
This animal was involved in the Trojan War, in a wooden formAgamemnon was a Trojan war hero.
What leafy plant was a cure-all in ancient Rome?
What was the monster living below King Minos' castle?He lived on Crete.
Cincinnatus was doing what while he was called upon to be dictator?A dictatorship is held for 6 months.
Who is the god of the underworld?Captures Persephone
What was the last Roman king?He was overthrown since he was haughty
School started in what month?That was the start of the year in Rome.
What language was primarily spoken?It is now a dead language.

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