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Can you name the hummingbirds of the ABA area?

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Scientific NameCommon NameABA Code
Colibri thalassinus3
Anthracothorax prevostii4
Cynanthus latirostris2
Hylocharis leucotis3
Hylocharis xantusii5
Amazilia beryllina3
Amazilia yucatanensis2
Amazilia rutila5
Amazilia violiceps2
Lampornis clemenciae2
Eugenes fulgens2
Heliomaster constantii4
Scientific NameCommon NameABA Code
Calliphlox evelynae5
Calothorax lucifer2
Archilochus colubris1
Archilochus alexandri1
Calypte anna1
Calypte costae1
Stellula calliope1
Atthis heloisa5
Selasphorus platycercus1
Selasphorus rufus1
Selasphorus sasin1

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