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The Manipulated VariableWhat 'I' am in charge of
5th step of Scientific Method(class)
Using your 5 senses to collect informationdeck
An educated prediction that is testableStep 2 of the Scientific Method (hate)
1st step of Scientific Method(students)
3 signs someone is ready for a lab with chemicalsappearance
A hypothesis that is neither proven nor disprovenTV show
Group that does not receive treatment
If something goes wrong in lab, the first thing I should do isBut... I'm embarassed!
To make an educated assumptionEducated being the key word...
Variables that must stay the same or constant
Descriptive Data
A proven hypothesisMust be followed!!!
3rd step of Scientific Method(every)
Responding VariableWhat we are looking for...
Name 1 piece of lab equipment
4th step of Scientific Method(dumb)
Numerical Data
Group or groups that are receiving treatment
What are the 5 things we must have on every graph?Tommy X-rays Your Injured Puppy

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