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Can you name the Pokemon moves with nonzero priority?

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Priority and TypeMoveDescription
+7*: Dark40 base power; *2x damage if opponent switches
+5: NormalPowers up ally's attack
+4: PoisonProtects and poisons on contact
+4: FightingProtects user from attack
+4: NormalPrevents fainting by attack
+4: SteelProtects user from attack
+4: PsychicReflects status moves
+4: NormalProtects user from attack
+4: GrassProtects user from attack
+4: DarkSteals stat changes that turn
+3: FairyProtects against status moves
+3: NormalFlinches opponent; only works 1st turn
+3: FightingPrevents priority moves
+3: RockPrevents multi-target moves
+3: NormalDirects all attacks to target
+2: PsychicSwitch places with target ally
+2: Normal80 base power
+2: NormalAttacks through protecting moves
+2: Bug90 base power attack; only works 1st turn
+2: NormalDirects all attacks to user
+2: BugDirects all attacks to user
+1: Rock40 base power
+1: Water40 base power
+1: FairyLowers target's attack
Priority and TypeMoveDescription
+1: NormalTake damage and later pay it back double
+1: Steel40 base power
+1: Ice40 base power
+1: ElectricNormal type moves become Electric
+1: Fighting40 base power
+1: BugPrevent fire type move and damage target
+1: Normal40 base power
+1: Ghost40 base power
+1: DarkAttack if target uses damaging move
+1: Fighting40 base power
+1: Water15 base power multi-hit attack
-1: Fighting70 base power; doesn't miss
-3: Flying100 base power; burns other making contact
-3: Fighting150 base power; fails if user is attacked
-3: Fire150 base power; fails if user is not attacked
-4: Ice60 base power; deals 2x damage if attacked this turn
-4: Fighting60 base power; deals 2x damage if attackedthis turn
-5: FightingDeals double physical damage taken this turn
-5: PsychicDeals double special damage taken this turn
-6: Fighting60 base power; switches out opponent's Pokemon
-6: Dragon60 base power; switches out opponent's Pokemon
-6: NormalSwitches out opponent's Pokemon
-6: NormalSwitches out opponent's Pokemon
-7: PsychicSlower Pokemon move first

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