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Can you name the third set of Pokemon moves by their types and descriptions?

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Foe with opposite gender has its Sp. Attack lowered by 2 stagesNormal
User attacks last, but cannot missFighting
An attack lasting for 5 turns that grows in powerIce
Opponent can only use moves that attackDark
All Pokemon on the field become confusedNormal
Only hits if opponent uses Protect or Detect in the same turnNormal
Opponent cannot escape/switchFire
Disappears on the 1st turn, attacks on the 2nd turnGhost
Confuses opponent, but raises its Special Attack by one stageDark
The lower the user's HP, the higher the powerFighting
Power of your Electric-type attacks increase next turn, and the user's special defense rises.Electric
Move's power and type changes with the weatherNormal
User goes firstSteel
Resets opponent's Evasiveness, Normal-type and Fighting-type attacks can now hit Ghosts, and Ghost-type attacks hit NormalNormal
Deals damage equal to 1.5x opponent's attackSteel
Cancels out the effect of the opponent's AbilityPoison
Restores a little HP each turnWater
Opponent cannot use hold itemsDark
Cures paralysis, poison, and burnsNormal
Cures all status problems in your partyGrass
Increases Critical-Hit ratio by one stageNormal
Inflicts damage 50-150% of user's levelPsychic
Increases the user's Speed by two stagesRock
If used by Chatot, has a chance to confuse opponent, dependant on the sound recordedFlying
Increases user's Defense by two stagesPoison
The more times the user has performed Stockpile, the more HP is recoveredNormal
Power doubles if user took damage in the turn this is usedDark
Hits with random powerGround
Prevents the opponent from restoring HP for 5 turnsPsychic
An instant 1-hit KO, if it hitsIce
Hits twice. May cause poisonBug
User steals the effects of the opponent's next moveDark
Inflicts damage equal to user's levelGhost
User restores HP each turn. User cannot escape/switchGrass
Puts each target Pokemon to sleepDark
Guaranteed to put the opponent to sleepGrass
The user faints and the next Pokemon released is fully healedPsychic
Opponent is unable to use moves that the user also knowsPsychic
User attacks for 2-3 turns and then becomes confusedDragon
User and opponent swap Defense and Special DefensePsychic

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