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Can you name the second round of Pokemon moves by their types and descriptions?

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Randomly raises one of the user's stats by two stagesNormal
Resets all stat changesIce
User steals HP from opponent each turnGrass
Any Speical Attack move is reflected back to the attacker at double the power.Psychic
Either deals damage or healsNormal
Poisons opponents when they switch into battlePoison
Swaps held items with the opponentPsychic
Raises user's Special Defense by two stagesPsychic
Power increases when used on a paralyzed opponent, but cures itNormal
Changes the opponent's Ability to InsomniaGrass
May cause flinching. 2x damage against an opponent using FlyDragon
Slower Pokemon move first in the turn for 5 turnsPsychic
User changes type to become resistant to opponent's last moveNormal
May steal opponent's held itemDark
User becomes immune to Ground-type moves for 5 turnsElectric
User's own Attack and Defense switchPsychic
Might raise all of the user's stats by one stageRock
User performs one of its own moves while sleepingNormal
The user's party's Speed is increased by one stage for 3 turnsFlying
User performs any move in the game at randomNormal
Fire attacks do half damage to all Pokémon until the user switches outWater
May decrease opponent's Special Defense by one stageGround
Ghosts lose half HP and others increase Attack and Defense while lowering Speed?
User takes on the form and attacks of the opponentNormal
If the users faints after using this move, the PP for the opponent's last move is depletedGhost
User attacks for 2-5 turns and cannot sleep during that timeNormal
Hits the opponent, even during FlyFighting
The lower the PP, the higher the powerNormal
The slower the user, the stronger the attackSteel
User switches out immediately after attackingBug
Causes a burn, if it hitsFire
User faints, opponent's Attack and Special Attack is dropped two stagesDark
Any Pokemon in play when this attack is used faints in 3 turnsNormal
If the opponent is holding a berry, its effect is stolen by userFlying
Copies the opponent's stat changesNormal
The user swaps Abilities with the opponentPsychic
Permanently copies the opponent's last moveNormal
Removes the effects of trap movesNormal
Opponent cannot use the same move in a rowDark
User's used hold item is restoredNormal

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