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Can you name the Pokemon moves by their types and descriptions?

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Confuses opponentGhost
User's party receives 1/2 damage from Sp. Attacks for 5 turnsPsychic
Cannot miss, regardless of Accuracy or EvasivenessFlying
Changes the weather to sunnyFire
Causes paralysisElectric
User switches out and gives stat changes to the incoming PokemonNormal
Digs down first turn, attacks in the 2nd. Acts like an Escape Rope on the fieldGround
User recovers 50% of its max HPNormal
Non Rock, Ground and Steel types are damaged for 5 turnsRock
Can only be used in first turn. User goes first, foe flinchesNormal
User's stats cannot be changed for a period of timeIce
Type and power depends on user's IVs?
An instant 1-hit KONormal
Hits 2-5 times in one turnNormal
Stronger if user is Burned, Poisoned, or ParalyzedNormal
Always left with at least 1 HP, but may fail if used in a rowNormal
If Pokemon is hit while using this move, it loses focus and cannot attackFighting
Power increases with each consecutive hitBug
Damage occurs 2 turns laterPsychic
User cannot move on the following turnNormal
Power is doubled if opponent is underground from using DigGround
Increases user's Attack and Speed by one stage eachDragon
Can only be used on a sleeping target. User recovers half of the damage inflicted on opponentPsychic
The opponent's last move loses 2-5 PPGhost
User cannot move in the 1st turn, attacks in the 2nd turnGrass
Decreases opponent's Special Defense by two stagesSteel
User loses 50% of its max HP, but Attack raises to maximumNormal
Damages opponent when they switch into battleRock
Always takes off half of the opponent's HPNormal
Always inflicts 20 HPNormal
Flies up on the first turn, attacks on the second turnFlying
User recovers 50% of the damage inflicted on the opponentGrass
Can only be used after all over moves are usedNormal
If the user faints, the opponent also faintsGhost
Increases user's Evasiveness by one stageNormal
User faintsNormal
Causes the weather to change to rain for 5 turnsWater
Double power if the opponent is switching outDark
Only usable when all PP are gone. Hurts the userNormal
No Effect!Normal

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