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RKS SystemChanges type according to attached Memory.
Toxic BoostPowers up physical attacks when the Pokémon is poisoned.
Pure PowerBoosts the Pokémon's Attack stat.
CorrosionCan poison Steel and Poison type Pokemon.
Delta StreamInduces mysterious air current and eliminates Flying type weaknesses.
Slow StartTemporarily halves Attack and Speed.
Full Metal BodyPrevents stat reduction caused by opponent.
StaminaBoosts defense when hit by an attack.
GooeyContact with the Pokémon lowers the attacker's Speed.
Gale WingsGives priority to Flying-type moves.
Tangling HairContact with the Pokémon lowers the attacker's Speed.
Grass PeltBoosts the Defense stat in Grassy Terrain.
DazzlingOpponents can't use priority moves.
NormalizeAll the Pokémon's moves become Normal type.
ForecastPokemon transforms with the weather.
GalvanizeNormal type moves are electric type and have 20% power increase.
SchoolingTransforms into School Form if above 25% HP.
ImposterThe Pokémon transforms itself into the Pokémon it's facing.
MultitypeChanges the Pokémon's type to match the Plate it holds.
Bad DreamsReduces a sleeping foe's HP.
SteelworkerBoosts power of steel moves by 50%.
Parental BondParent and child attack together.
Surge SurferDoubles speed if on Electric Terrain.
ComatoseActs as if asleep, but Pokemon can attack.
Zen ModeChanges the Pokémon's shape when HP is halved.
HeatproofWeakens the power of Fire-type moves.
Innards OutUpon fainting, damages opponent by amount equal to last HP.
Soul-HeartBoost special attack when a Pokemon faints.
Queenly MajestyOpponents can't use priority moves.
Victory StarBoosts the accuracy of its allies and itself.
Fairy AuraPowers up each Pokémon's Fairy-type moves.
Stance ChangeThe Pokémon changes form depending on how it battles.
Aura BreakThe effects of 'Aura' Abilities are reversed.
ReceiverCopies ability of a defeated ally.
Water CompactionDefense rises two stages when hit by water move.
Liquid VoiceSound moves become Water type.
MercilessGuarantees critical hits on poisoned opponents.
FluffyHalves damage from contact moves but doubles fire damage.
Desolate LandInduces extremely harsh sunlight that nullifies water attacks.
Flower GiftPowers up party Pokémon when it's sunny.
Air LockEliminates the effects of weather.
DisguiseProtects from attack once per battle.
Shadow ShieldLowers damage taken when at full HP.
Color ChangeChanges the Pokémon's type to the foe's move.
Prism ArmorReduces damage from super effective attacks.
Electric SurgeInduces Electric Terrain.
StallThe Pokémon moves after all other Pokémon do.
Primordial SeaInduces heavy rain that nullifies fire attacks.
Aroma VeilProtects allies from attacks that effect their mental state.
BatteryRaises power of allies' special moves.
Battle BondTransforms into Ash version after causing opponent to faint.
StakeoutDoubles damage if opponent switches.
MummyContact with the Pokémon spreads this Ability.
Long ReachContact moves don't make contact.
Dark AuraPowers up each Pokémon's Dark-type moves.
Power ConstructChange into Complete Forme when 10% of 50% Formes fall below half HP.
Psychic SurgeInduces Psychic Terrain.
Power of AlchemyCopies ability of a defeated ally.
Flare BoostPowers up special attacks when the Pokémon is burned.
Water BubblePrevents burn and lowers fire type damage.
DancerImmediately copies dancing moves.
Iron BarbsInflicts damage to the attacker on contact.
Grassy SurgeInduces Grassy Terrain
Shields DownShell breaks when HP drops below half.
DefeatistLowers stats when HP is halved.
BerserkSpecial Attack raised when HP drops below half.
TriageGives priority to healing moves.
Misty SurgeInduces Misty Terrain
Wimp OutFlees or switches when HP falls below half.
IllusionComes out disguised as the Pokémon in back.
Emergency ExitFlees or switches when HP falls below half.
Wonder GuardOnly supereffective moves will hit.

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