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What is the name of the classification system based on DNA sequencing data
What are living organisms made of
What type of cell contains a vacuole, chloroplasts and a cell wall
What is the function of a red blood cell
What is the function of a root hair cell
Dividing the size of the image by the actual size is a formula to calculate what?
Where is chlorophyll found in a cell?
What organelle is the control centre of the cell?
Where in the cell do the majority of chemical reactions take place?
Where does the plant store cell sap?
By what process does oxygen move from the alveoli into the blood stream?
By what process are ions taken up by root hair cells
What types of molecules are involved in osmosis?
When describing osmosis what term other than concentration gradient can be used?
What is the hypothesis to describe the action of enzymes?
At very high temperatures what happens to enzymes?
What part of the enzyme changes shape at high temperatures?
What enzyme is used in the production of fruit juice?
What are the pores in the surface of leaves called?
Chlorophyll traps light energy and turns it into what other type of energy?
Where in the leaf are most of the chloroplasts found?
The section of the leaf that has large air spaces is called what?
What is the name of the cells that transport water in plants?
Humans use energy to maintain a constant body temperature. What is this an example of?
Which type of respiration produces a large amount of energy?
Other than oxygen what else is needed for this type of respiration to take place?
What is the name of respiration in the absence of oxygen?
What is produced when yeast respires in this way?
What is produced in muscles when this respiration takes place?
The process of repaying oxygen back to the body after a period of exercise is called what?
Where does gaseous exchange take place?
What is another name for the windpipe?
Two bronchi split into a number of 'branches'. What are these called?
What solution is used to test for carbon dioxide?
What happens to the solution is carbon dioxide is present?
What effect does exercise have on the rate of breathing
When breathing in what shape is the diaphragm
When breathing out what shape is the diaphragm
When breathing in what is the pressure inside the lungs?
Vertebrates with scaly skin and gills would be what class?
Vertebrates that lay eggs with rubbery shells would be in what class?
Crustaceans, insects, arachnids and myriapods are all in which phylum?
Animals with bodies made up of ring-like segments are in which phylum
Plants that have strap shaped leaves with parallel veins are called what?
Which kingdom have no nucleus, have cell walls and are often unicellular?
Arteries and veins are types of blood vessel. Name the other.
What part of blood is responsible for the clotting response?
What part of blood protects the body from infection?
The top two chambers of the heart are called
The lower two chambers of the heart are called

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