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Side-ChainAmino AcidHint
Methyl group bonded to carboxamideFirst amino acid isolated (from similarly named vegetable)
MethiolThiol group very nucleophillic, forms disulfide bridges
2- methyl indoleUsed as Flurescent probe
Ethyl group and Methyl group linked via sulfur(Unmodified) Proteins always start with this amino acid
methyl bonded to benzylsimplest aromatic amino acid. Found in breast milk.
hydroxy-methyl groupacts as neurotransmitter
Ethyl group bonded to carboxamideMost abundant free amino acid in human blood
(2-methyl) propylMost common amino acid in nature
methyl bonded to phenolNegatively charged aromatic amino acid
Methyl Simplest alpha amino acid
Side-ChainAmino AcidHint
methyl imidazolePositively charged aromatic amino acid
1- hydroxy ethyl groupAlcohol group with two chiral centres
propyl guanidiniumhighest acid disassociation constant of any amino acid, almost always positively charged
Butyl group bonded to amino groupIn Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs were unable to produce this amino acid, ensuring they would not survive outside the park (in reality humans can't synthesise ____ either)
(1-methyl) ethylSmallest atomic mass of any branched chain amino acids
(1-methyl) propylNon-polar and contains two chiral carbons
Propanic AcidThis acids salts grant the taste of umami
Ethanoic Acidcoded by GAU and GAC
Cyclic Propyl (bonded with non-side-chain amino group) Only secondary amine of amino acids. Does not form purple complex with ninhydrin.

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