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Who does Fez marry?
What kind of animal does Jackie love?
What does Kelso put on Eric's headphones on 'Prank Day'
What is Bob's wife's name?
Who gives Rhonda a makeover?
What two colors have Donna's hair been?
What sign did Eric, Kelso and Donna steal for Hyde's birthday?
What does Fez stand for?
What does Eric do when the President comes to town?
Who said 'Good wine'
Who does Hyde meet that wants to take him to New York?
Why does Kelso take apart the pong game?
Where does Eric go at the end of the season?
Why do the boys take a road trip to Canada?
Where does Red work with Eric?
Where does the show take place?
What is Kelso's brother's name?
What color dress did Jackie wear to the prom with Hyde?
What can the gang often be found smoking?
What does Kelso call his van?

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