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Lipids in the cell wall
Blastula of a tribloblastic organism becomes
Female portion of a plant
Father of genetics
Cell division to identical cells
Organelle associated with H2O2
When a cell has more particles than its environment
Sodium-Potassium pump is an example of
The highest tropical rainforest
The cristae in mitochondria function to
Face of the Golgi Body
The mRNA transcription of ATTCGCTAC
DNA is read in this direction
This organelle consists of rRNA and protein
Large mammal adapted to the desert that can resist dehydration for a prolonged period of time
Organelle involved in ATP syntesis in plants
Organelle that helps detoxify poisons
Enzyme that unwinds DNA
Enzyme that breaks hydrogen bonds in DNA
Name for the structure of nucleosomes that wind DNA
The average length of DNA
Two cells that do not divide in the human body
Cell phase where the cell splits in two
The blood group AB is an example of
Sperm are a result of
The DNA that codes for male and female
Color blindness is carried on which chromosome
Hemophilia is this type of disease
GMO stands for
An anticodon is found on
The protein that keeps DNA from sticking to itself
An organelle that digests particles
Cell division where the ploidy is halfed
Organelle found only in eukaryotes
Scientist who discovered base pairing
Famous for trip to the Galapagos Island
The proper name for the apperance of the plasma membrane
Organelle involved in protein synthesis
Name of the adaptation of plants to maintain stability
The part of the mitochondria involved in increasing surface area
Hypothesis involved with the third nucleotide of a codon
When a sperm and egg unite they are called a
The study of birds is called
The longest phase of the cell cycle
The only diploblastic category
The start codon (letters)
Three stop codons (letters)
Replication starts with a
The scientific name for humans
A virus is made of

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