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'Adequatulence' - who has it
How many different roles did Jon Lovitz play in the series?
What was the name of the arcade game Dave was addicted to in high school?
Which episode appears on both the Season 2 and Season 3 DVDs?
What was the name of the rat the staff befriended in Rat Funeral?
What was the name of Joe's unique martial arts style?
What was the name of the acapella band Dave was in during college?
What job did Matthew pretend to have while stalking the staff after getting fired?
What old time radio show did Jimmy buy for Matthew for Christmas?
What real job did Matthew have during his hiatus from WNYX?
Which SNL regular initially played Jimmy James's lawyer?
What was the English-Japanese-English translation of Jimmy's autobiography?
What drink is Matthew disappointed that the coffee shop in the lobby does not have?
What is the word that Joe and Beth paint on the WNYX murial?
What fast food restaurant did Lisa go undercover to investigate in Season 5?
Which infamous real life personality did Matthew mispronounce to comedic effect in the episode Inappropriate?
What animal bit Matthew on the butt in the episode Awards Show?
What did Matthew think was the last name of the efficiency expert Jimmy hired?
Who is the only convicted felon on the WNX staff?
What is the 'street aloha' according to Catherine when talking to a drunken Bill?
What is the name of the intern that WNYX hires at the end of season 4?
Which famous comedian/right wing pundit makes a cameo as one of Bill's many stalkers?
What is the name of Lisa's long time ex who Dave is jealous of?
What is the name of Jimmy's mansion?
Which famous sitcom actor played the therapist who validated 'three's company' when it came to Dave and Lisa's relationship?

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