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Can You Name the Cast of Angel??

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Cursed by gypsies, likes black, drives a cool car
Loves a good drink, gets visions, half demon
Conceited fashion queen inherits visions, grows as a person, maybe loves Angel?
The son that never should have been, because vampires don't have kids
Failed watcher turned rogue demon hunter
Man from the hood, loves staking vamps, gets his brain jacked with super lawyer stuff
Saved from an alternate dimension, makes physics her biatch
It's not easy being green, but when you have such a golden voice, it helps. Also he can read your future
Angel's on again/off again love affair - with super sharp teeth
She's a vampire seer, but she's also a crazy nutjob
The platinum blonde hair would be so striking if he could show it off in daylight, plays second fiddle to Angel
Cop lady loses her father, stakes Angel but not really
Angelus killed his family, he wants revenge, steals Connor
Vampire slayer gone bad, Angel offers her redemption, but she still can't act
They don't sing a song about him in this Whedon series, but he tries to make LA 'his' town before Angel kicks his butt

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