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Can you name the items containing the word 'Lord'?

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Wartime nickname of William Joyce
Partner to Ray Alan
Actor who played Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O
Sauron was this
The Upper House of British Parliament
A recitation commonly said in church
Finnish heavy metal band and winners of the Eurovision Song Contest
Book by William Golding
Home of the MCC in St John's Wood, London
Admiral of the British Navy at the Battle of Trafalgar
In the pantomime, Dick Whittington obtains this position
British aristocrat who disappeared after murder of his children's nanny
In politics, the late leader of Monster Raving Looney Party
Annual parade through the City of London
Nicholas Cage movie about an illegal arms dealer
An English charity devoted to sport for children, especially cricket
What Doctor Who is
What Darth Vader is
The 23rd Psalm is commonly known as this
1970s hit for George Harrison
Character created by Dorothy L Sayers
Terry Pratchett novel pitting witches against elves
Term for someone inebriated
Michael Flatley is this

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