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Can you name the missing words from the introduction to Bagpuss?

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TextMissing WordsNumber of Words Missing
There was a little girl and her name was1
And she had a1
There it is. It was rather an2
because it3
You see, everything in that2
was a thing that4
And Emily3
And brought home to1
Emily's cat1
The most1
The most1
The most1
Well now, one day Emily found2
And she brought it4
And put it down4
TextMissing WordsNumber of Words Missing
Who was in3
fast asleep2
But then Emily said some2
'Bagpuss, dear1
Old fat furry1
Wake up and look6
Wake up, be1
Be golden and 1
Bagpuss, O hear3
And Bagpuss3
And when Bagpuss wakes up6
The mice on the mouse-organ4
Madeleine the2
Gabriel the1
And last of all, Professor1
who was a very distinguished old1
He climbed down off his1
and went to see what it was that3

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