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What Twilight is always seen with
An advantage
In the near future
Fire dust
Group together
A special bubble bath is the ___ for posion [rung 19]
A rounded concrete platform
A unit of energy
Give a hoot
Criminals are put behind these
The fruit variety might form a rainbow
Computer controlled beings
To quickly write down
Writer of Toy Story
Former Baseball player ___ Canseco
A special bubble bath is the [rung 8] for poison ___
To prod
An opening in the skin
To peel the skin off of
A lot of the ponies are...(singular)
Less is ___
A poet's daybreak
What [Rung 40] controls
A henchman
A positive feeling
'____ Team rules!'
Non-unicorns may use their mouths to ____ objects
Show us the ___ in the wall!
A spy or burrowing animal
Cranky Doodle Donkey
Hugh Neutron's made-up pie-themed Christmas alternative
To stack
Evergreen tree
What connects two points
A section of a bowling alley
Elizabeth Woodwarth Grant, or ____ Del Ray
Princess of the Night and the younger of two main rulers.

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