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Can you name the dances by their non-dancing definition, which will have the name of the dance in the answer.?

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DescriptionAnswer (Dance)
2nd largest city in South Carolina.
Dolls manufactured by Coleco in the 1980's
Science Fiction novel by Richard Bachman;adapted into a film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
Breed of cattle native to Rwanda and Burundi.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast are shows on this late night network?
Round tubular toy first marketed by WHAM-O in 1958.
1998 Fatboy Slim song, with rapper Lord Finesse on the vocals.
Nickname of infamous baseball great Pete Rose.
1978 concert film about The Band.
Hit song for The Isley Brothers in 1962, and later The Beatles in 1964.
2004 Sci-Fi film starring Will Smith set in Chicago 2035
DescriptionAnswer (Dance)
Fashion magazine founded in 1892; also a song by Madonna.
British dish 'Bangers and Mash' consists of sausage and this popular side dish.
A task that is easy or effortless is called this dessert like term.
Pace Foods makes this product in Paris, Texas, not New York City.
20th letter of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet or Russian diesel-electric submarine class during the Cold War.
Only #1 hit for singer Lou Bega.
The Kemp brothers from this British band starred in the 1990 movie 'The Krays'.
1985 song perfomed by Miami Sound Machine.
Pattern on the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow bikini, according to the song.
A raised portion of a road, designed to slow down vehicles.
The Offspring's 1998 ode to wannabe gangstas

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