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Volgograd was formerly named this.
This battle took place in the dense forests of southern Belgium
In August 1944, the Allies liberated what city from the Germans?
Dictator of Italy during war
The war in Europe officially ended on what date?
Although conspiratorial, what country is it believed that Adolf Hitler may have escaped to?
Who was the German commander in Africa?
U.S. President during war
The area of independent France was known as what?
The Warsaw Pact was made between Germany and what country?
Prime Minister of U.K. during war
Chancellor of Germany during war
The war started when Germany invaded what country?
D-Day took place in what French region?
It took Germany just three hours to take over this nation.
What two cities did America drop Atomic bombs on?
Leader of Soviet Union during war
What was the operation called in which Germany invaded the Soviet Union
Emperor of Japan during war
Leningrad was the former name of this Russian city.
What was the battle called in which German planes launched a seven month air attack on the U.K.?
America entered the war after the Japanese attacked this Navy base.

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