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Start:Bad Middle:Helps you End:already deadUncharted
Mad ScientistSonic the Hedgehog
Bowser's SonMario
ApeMario/Donkey Kong
a GodMarvel
Human/BeastThe Legend of Zelda
Built ut of rocksFantastic 4
Baby that loves treasureMario
SilverFantastic 4
Baby Princess of Mushroom KingdomMario
ElasticFantastic 4
Green HawkSonic the Hedgehog
Bad guyUncharted
Loves TreasureMario/WarioWare
InvisbleFantastic 4
SquirrelSpongeBob Squarepants
TV show hostUncharted
Squid-like characterMario
owner of the chum bucketSpongeBob Squarepants
is really a molluskSpongeBob Squarepants
Gumdrop like characterMario
Blue HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog
Pink ToadMario
SpiritThe Legend of Zelda
Baby PlumberMario
Strange Man in greenThe Legend of Zelda
Dead GuyUncharted
dark version of the main characterThe Legend of Zelda
shoots SullyUncharted
Lazy CatSonic the Hedgehog
Peach's Loyal SevantMario
Turtle-like creatureMario
Lombax with wrenchRatchet & Clank
Thief (hippo)Sly Cooper
Trying to Find the 'Iblis Trigger'Sonic the Hedgehog
Crab who loves moneySpongeBob Squarepants
CrocodileSonic the Hedgehog
HorseThe Legend of Zelda
Baby ApeMario
Thief (racoon)Sly Cooper
King of the KoopasMario
Dum starfishSpongeBob Squarepants
Guy from Nepal who helps youUncharted
Thief (turtle)Sly Cooper
Happy spongeSpongeBob Squarepants
Pink Power PuffKirby
Children play this gameUncharted
Princess of HyruleThe Legend of Zelda
Star-like characterMario
Secret Agent _____Ratchet & Clank
Baby Princess of SaeasalandMario
Green Giant (not the one on the can of veggies)Marvel
Green DinoMario
Treasure HunterUncharted
From Mushroom KingdomMario
Kid in green with swordThe Legend of Zelda
FireFantastic 4
Pink DinoMario
Dixie's younger sisterMario/Donkey Kong
6-Year Old RabbitSonic the Hedgehog
Turtle-like creature that can flyMario
The adoptive mother of the Luma raceMario
Drake's friendUncharted
Diddy's girlfriendMario/Donkey Kong
Dino skeletonMario
plays the clarinetSpongeBob Squarepants
Two-Tailed FoxSonic the Hedgehog
Super Hero (sort of)Ratchet & Clank
Pink HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog
Baby King of the KoopasMario
Monarch of Dream LandKirby
3 claws on each handX-Men
Baby PlumberMario
Princess of Mushroom KingdomMario
Bad GuyUncharted
Defender of the Sol EmraldsSonic the Hedgehog
Princess of SarasalandMario
One eyeX-Men
Item sellerMario/Donkey Kong
DK's motherDonkey Kong
Masked bearer of 'Galaxia'KIrby
Web SlingerMarvel
Cop (Fox)Sly Cooper
Day: Human Night: firey skullMarvel
Ape's BuddyMario/Donkey Kong
Bad GuyUncharted
Red EchidnaSonic the Hedgehog
Pro Treasure HunterSonic the Hedgehog
DK's dadDonkey Kong

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