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Can you determine whether each group has more or fewer than fifty members/components?

Quiz Updated Nov 8, 2016

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Hint(M)ore or (F)ewer?
3-Letter body parts
Weeks in a year
Risk territories
2016 Summer Olympic sports
Former USSR countries
Books of the Bible
Crayola crayon colors
Oscar Best Picture winners
NFL teams
Spaces on a Monopoly board
Films directed by Alfred Hitchcock
All-Time Premier League clubs
Prime Ministers of the UK
Published George Orwell novels
Human bones
Hint(M)ore or (F)ewer?
Zodiac signs (English and Chinese)
Asian countries
Major Battles of the US Revolutionary War
Beatles #1 hits
Original Pokémon
Sporcle categories
Countries with English as an official language
Cards in a standard card deck
Canadian provinces and territories
Countries without militaries
African countries
Elements on the periodic table
EU countries
Big Four teams

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