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Can you determine whether each statement about the Roman emperor Augustus is true? Type 'Y' for yes and 'N' for no.

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Augustus was born in the month of August.
Augustus was emperor during the Great Fire of Rome.
Before becoming emperor, Augustus was a consul.
Under Augustus's rule, the Roman Empire reached its largest size.
Augustus was the victor of the Battle of Actium.
Augustus had an affair with Cleopatra.
Augustus's birth name was Gaius Caesar Augustus.
Augustus married Mark Antony's sister.
Augustus was born before the death of Julius Caesar.
Augustus was a member of the First Triumvirate.
Augustus is mentioned in Virgil's 'Aeneid'.
Augustus was the first Roman Emperor.
Augustus led a religious revival while emperor.
Augustus's rule began the Pax Romana.
Augustus killed Mark Antony.
Augustus was Julius Caesar's adopted son.
Augustus's heir to the empire was Caligula.
Augustus was the first emperor of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty.
Augustus arranged the assassination of Cicero.
Augustus reigned for 40 years.
Augustus was related to Julius Caesar by blood.
Augustus killed Brutus to avenge Julius Caesar's death.
Augustus was assassinated.

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