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Forced Order
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You reach the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials and take on Bonetail.Gamecube
You unlock R.O.B. to race with.Nintendo DS
You find out that it is not the real Millennium Star.N64
You find out that Shadow Mario is Bowser Jr.Gamecube
You find the Silver stars in Bob-omb Battlefield.Nintendo DS
You've come to the end of the rainbow castle only to have a star taken by Bowser.N64
You reach Frightmare where you take on Bowser.Gamecube
You find out that Dimentio is the real villain.Wii
You drive onto the last level, and you see all of the characters in the background.N64
You play as Daisy, finish story mode, and get the Bowser Teapot.Gamecube
You reach Petey Piranha, boss of World 5.Nintendo DS
You plant the seeds, and climb to Cloudy Climb.N64
You reach the fight with the Spideraticus before you take on the area boss.Gamecube
You throw the game out the window because you made it to 99 on Bowser's Lovely Lift.Gamecube
You stop angry Wiggler from being a permanent roller coaster.Wii
You get the Jr. Mask and learn the Killer Ball Jr. tachnique.Gamecube
You try to take a shortcut, but you get blasted by the Bowser statue on the road.Gamecube
You climb to the top of the level, and you face off with a giant rock with arms and legs.N64
You fight Megahammer, controlled by Bowser Jr.Wii
You catch the first golden mouse in the Study near Neville.Gamecube
You use the Star Rod to defeat Bowser in space.Wii
You fight the Piranha Plant in Wiggler's Garden.Nintendo DS
You let Bowser eat a mushroom which is a vacuum mushroomNintendo DS
You race random people from Asia and Europe.Wii
You fight Kamella in the 'Ghost Ship.'Wii
You take a while, but you finally unlock the last level of World 9.Wii
You grab a star and send metal Bowser flying.N64
You jump onto the moon after clearing Endurance Alley.Gamecube
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