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Name of the game.
Main character.
Who built the island.
Mario's Stadium
Peach's Stadium
Yoshi's Stadium
DK's Stadium
Wario's Stadium
Daisy's Stadium
Luigi's Stadium
Bowser's Stadium
Bowser Jr.'s Stadium
Minigame at Mario's Stadium
Minigame at Peach's Stadium
Minigame at Yoshi's Stadium
Minigame at DK's Stadium
Minigame at Wario's Stadium
Minigame at Daisy's Stadium
Minigame at Luigi's Stadium
Minigame at Bowser's Stadium
Minigame at Bowser Jr.'s Stadium
Name of the Island.
Item used to go to Daisy's Stadium
Item used to go to Luigi's Stadium
Item used to go to Toy Field
Who gives you item to go to Toy Field?
Item used to get Blue Pianta
Item used to get Red Yoshi
Item used to get King Boo
Badge awarded by getting all players
Badge awarded by getting all fields
Badge awarded by getting all superstars
Badge awarded by beating all minigames
Both weights used to unflood the fountain.
Broken into 3 pieces in DK's Stadium
Item gotten by buying a lot of star candy x2
Needed to enter Magikoopa's shop
You need him to rewire the circuits
In a barrel in Mario's Stadium
Mario's Stadium battle with Bowser Jr. gets you him.
Trapped by a raised drawbridge
Character in the shrubbery in Peach's Stadium
Find her rattle! Quick!
You need to fight 4 of his minions to get to him.
Has 4 colors in DK's Stadium
In the sand on the beach.
Swimming in Mario's Stadium
First character to recruit
Under the right umbrella in Mario's Stadium
Locked in his own shop
Guarding the chest in Mario's Stadium
In a tree in Mario's Stadium
Under the left umbrella in Mario's Stadium
On the shell in Mario's Stadium
Guarding Princess Daisy statue
Guarding the Toad Statue
'Can you fix the Flower Garden?'
Owns Peach's shop.
Turned into a statue
Beat Bowser Jr. in Peach's Stadium to get her
Play this minigame to beat Bowser Jr. in Yoshi's Stadium
Beat all minigames to get this new mode.
Trapped on a bridge that had been erased
Trapped by Bowser Jr. in DK's Stadium
Can throw a boomerang ball

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